08 Dec 2012
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TOPIC: med Bud cookies/brownies

med Bud cookies/brownies 7 months 3 weeks ago #25496

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So far not liking this new forum. Topics lost, cant find the inbox... but anywhooooo.

I suck at making brownies and cookies but I just recently went to a dispensary and purchased 100 grams (1/2 cup?) of budder. I also got candies etc. and I was so worried about the candies I forgot I have never made good bud cookies or brownies. The budder is already made, I just need a good recipe for making them, even if its premaid stuff (preferred). I am not a heavy thc user , mostly cbd but I need some extra help having the flu. I hurt 10x worse. I am not looking to get upside down. Basically enough to alleviate pain and get some sleep. I have had amazing cookies/brownies before that do what I need. Just a mild mood lift. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it, plus I think the thc will help me recover a bit more because vitamins, kratom, oj, turmeric etc arent helping much but since taking the 20/20 thc/cbd candies I feel its improving but they arent quite strong enough to put me to sleep.
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med Bud cookies/brownies 7 months 3 weeks ago #25499

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This is my favourite brownie recipe.


I make this ALL the time using regular butter without the weed butter. I also think it would be good using regular flour. I usually use gluten free flour and the almond flour in a 50/50 mix because the almond flour can get a bit expensive.

BTW my grandchildren LOVE this stuff...so do their friends apparently, as reported by my grandson!

I am continuing with my cannabis experiment as well...so far no allergic reactions BUT not NEARLY as effective as Kratom for my needs. ***sigh***

Still getting used to the new forum look and feel too. I lost the edit button for a while but have found it now. Just hoping the spam detector is not set so sensitively as I need to edit a lot. I seldom get it right the first time!
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