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For those who are new to Kratom, or even those who are aficionados we've started this category off with our own Kratom User's Guide for 2015 which covers some of the more commonly asked questions and answers about Kratom, its origins, its effects, dosages and more.
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TOPIC: Newbie question about Kratom resin

Newbie question about Kratom resin 2 years 11 months ago #15533

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You might want to try starting with plain leaf powder; either what you have or a slow red of some sort. Bali seems to be preferred for what you're doing. (I did it with a grab bag, which worked fine for me, except whites being a bit too fast) It will be a lot more manageable than a rock-hard lump, especially when you feel awful, like first thing in the morning. At the very least, prep your morning dose the night before, so it's instantly ready when you wake up. You'll be glad you did.

I'm assuming that you have a scale, it's pretty important to accurately gauge how much you're taking. If not, get one, preferably one that is .001 accurate. Here, they're around $20 on Amazon.

The toss and wash method has always seemed kinda nutty to me. For plain leaf, get a small jar or something with a lid and put the kratom in it with the liquid of your choice, and shake it violently while jumping up and down and chanting..
This approach is way easier than choking to death doing a toss and wash.

Like mostly everyone else, I don't use extracts and never have, so I'm afraid I'm not much help with regard to your "piece o' the rock". Extracts can make your tolerance go through the proverbial roof, so be careful. You want to keep your tolerance as low as possible, especially if you are no longer able to get kratom.

The best of luck to you, and don't forget all the other good stuff like vitamins, 10 gallons plenty of water every day and so forth. There's a ton of info on all that.

You can absolutely do this, and it shouldn't be too difficult. I got kratom in the mail, replaced my afternoon pill(s) with it, and just walked away from opioids. Do yourself one favor; don't entertain any sort of "It's Friday, I'm doing fine, I can have a couple of pills today" thoughts. You don't need them; leave them in the past where they belong.


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