Great News!

22 Feb 2018
Over the last few days, we have taken on the task of updating the forum and moving it to a new server. As our community grows, the forum grows and we want it to function at the highest degree for everybody.
We have decided to update the forum for the security of all users and the stability of the platform. We would like all members to update their passwords and update them periodically.

A few of us here at the forum use a password generator like this one.

If you would like more information about resetting your password or a secure password keeper, please reach out to the moderators.

This forum is an ongoing project. That being said, If you notice little quarks with the forum please let us know. If you notice things on other forums that you would like to see here, reach out to the moderators and we will look into them.

Most of all we want to say thank you to every single user, This forum has grown into an amazing community and its because of the support, passion, and knowledge of our members.
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