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You guessed it! This section is for general discussion that may or may not have anything to do with Kratom.


DLPA 1 year 1 month ago #13165

Hello guys, i was curious if anyone else has used DLPA, during recover from an addiction? I have been using it during mine and from what i can tell it is helping a lot. I also have st johns wort, but dont use it very often. Since DLPA should not interfere or effect kratom use that i can find, i use it once the day in between kratom doses in the morning. Before i started using it i was still using kratom, but i still suffered from some depression, and mood swings. It seems to help with both, and combined with kratom during this process, I have made a huge comeback from my addiction. I am feeling great and no cravings to return to drug use. I am not trying to tell others to do the same, i am just curious if others have used this supplement during recovery as well. Here is some info on it if you are not familiar with it. nootriment.com/dl-phenylalanine/ There are ads on the pag ebut ignore them lol. I order mine from ebay. I am not sure if you are supposed to take it with kratom so i try to take it when not using kratom. Let me know if you have any experience with this supplement i would love to hear others opinions. :-bd

i am only finding mixed results online
Be not afraid of growing slowly, Be afraid only of standing still.
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DLPA 1 year 1 month ago #13166

On a side note, too much of this supplement is supposed to make serotonin levels drop so i was curious if any one had experienced this as well. I have not noticed it myself i dont think, but i am curious about this because that would ultimately result in making kratom less effective wouldnt it?

So i am thinking of not taking this supplement for about a week to see if i notice a difference as i have taken it daily for a while so im curious if i notice a difference in mood or anything.
Be not afraid of growing slowly, Be afraid only of standing still.
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