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TOPIC: I'm new to Kratom

I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8683

:-h Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to Kratom so I have so many questions any advice would be helpful. I've read different views from people on various websites that say different things so it can be very confusing to newbies. I have depression, anxiety, pain, RLS and need motivation or well energy and focus. Which strains would be the best to burn? Also I have come across one that I really liked called gold standard but the company I purchased from only has the sample pack and can't just get the mitragyna speciosa I liked. I've been searching for another company but don't want to waste my money since I am on a tight budget and need to burn Kratom everyday. Any advice on where to go for this strain or is there something close, more affordable like it at a reputable company that I can burn for the issues I listed up above? Also do I really need to rotate different strains everyday so I won't build tolerance? Some people say yes, some no. I've heard that you can use everything from stem and vein to magnesium suppliments to phenibut during rotation. Some have said they mix strains like red, white and green at once or through out the day. Some say to only use one strain a day. I'm so confused about what to do. Kratom has saved my life in so many ways I really need some advice so I don't mess this up for myself. There is so much information out there and I understand everyone is different just would appreciate advice from a seasoned kratomer that has over a decade of experience with kratom.Most of what I have read is from people who have only been burning It for the most a couple of years. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. I know it is a lot and to those that can answer my questions I appreciate it so very much!
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8685

  • Juscaws
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Hi honeyb! welcome :)Id say for all you got going on start with a good green malay, its very similar to a gold standard in character, but is not an extract like gold standard is. strain rotation depends on you. some people do develop SSS with over burning situations, other can burn the same strain 2-3 times per day and be fine. all of our burners are different by make and model. I wish I could give you an answer, but its a trail and error kind of thing, since we all are different. I usually burn the same strain for awhile and then switch it up on occasion when the burns start to fizzle out or I just need a change.
you can also change your burning times, which tricks your ole burner receptors.
any questions just ask, good luck to you!!
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8686

  • cybin_spores
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Hello honeybee. I've been using kratom for a little over five years, and I burn most everyday. I think rotating strains is the best way to keep the leaf working good for you. For a beginner though you could get away with using the same strain for two weeks and still get the benefits you want, or at least a week. Lately I've been rotating my strains every 3 to 4 days. Red Malaysian would be a good one to get. There are many good vendors on this site up at the top there is a vendor tab you can find many vendors on. I haven't tried all of them, I've mainly just stuck with 2 or three. Pharmacy-dropout and PA Botanicals are my go-to. There are many other good ones I've heard as well. So Cal Herbal remedies is a less expensive vendor at about 100 dollars a kilo. I've tried only a handful of theirs, I like their Red Maeng, and Bentuangie. Bentuangie is actually really good from all 3 vendors I've mentioned, It just gets you nice and relaxed with a mood uplift without wanting to fall asleep right away. You can buy samples from all these places and pick a few you want to try and see which ones you like the most and go from their. That's basically what I've done, I will buy small amounts of powder from different vendors and just see how they effect me personally. It's kind of hard to just take advice from someone, because the might not effect you the same way they effect somebody else. Green strains are a pretty good mix of calming energy, but sometimes can be too energizing, and some whites can be energetic with relaxing qualities as well, It's kind of just what your personal preference is after trying different powders. There is a search bar on this site that you can try to look up what other people have said about different strains and stuff, there is A LOT of good information from many people on this site alone, most all of them are really knowledgeable about kratom. I've never used stem and vein, or magnesium or phenibut and I seem to be fine with just rotating different kratom strains. But I did hear stem and vein works pretty good if you build up to big of a tolerance. Hope this information helps you.
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8720

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Glad to have you here on the Forum Honeybee2177. :-h Justcaws & cybin_spores gave you some Excellent Advice. Kratom is unlike any other herb that exists. Here are some links for some good info:




If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8888

  • fotia
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Here are some responses that may be valuable for you. As stated before your mileage may vary but this is my opinion.

1) Red Bali from HB&M seems to be my go-to strain right now. As much as green veins are hyped up, I'm actually finding them to be making me restless, aggravating and mood destabilizing (for example, I'm getting this effect from Green Sunda). There is still a certain stimulation and strength that might be of value to you there. In that case mixing might be good if you react fine to it. For me I've been realizing that even 50/50 causes me to get grumpy and even snappy at people later on. If I'm going to keep it at all in any mix it'd probably be at a lower dosage.

2) Strained kratom tea seems to work better for me than straight powder, most of the time, though the tea takes more for the dosage. There's just a certain quality about the tea that is better. If i take straight powder, it doesn't seem good for daily or frequent use. There's just something about toss and wash that makes me feel like.. "why did i even take this"?

3) cant remember, will come back if i remember lol.

4) for my red vein bali recommendation above: surprisingly, contrary to some descriptions on the web or even from vendors, I don't find the red vein to be sedating at all, Actually it's just kind of relaxing and that's it. If anything, I find higher dose green vein to be sedating. The green veins tend to get me a lot more stoned , even if initially it makes me super jittery, it will eventually just make me bonked. I'm not speaking for all green veins or all red veins when i use those terms, btw. For example I've had some really good experiences with particular green veins and bad experiences with some red veins. I'm just speaking generally.

You might need something to mix with the Red Bali for pain relief, but I'm not sure what. Red bali gives me enough pain releif so that I don't recognize my pain nearly as much as before, but I would say I've had stronger strains for pain relief. Also i do find that the red vein does afford me some energy and motivation.
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #8921

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Welcome to the forum! This is the best place I've found to learn about kratom. :-h
(L) Revelation 22:2 And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. (L)
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I'm new to Kratom 1 year 10 months ago #9262

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Welcome to the forum Honeybee2177!

You'll find lots of good information and vendors here, we're glad you've found ILK :-bd

-Adrian(@onlinekratom.com) (L)
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