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TOPIC: Migraines

Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25624

  • Marty
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This is the ONLY thing that helps my migrianes....I have been taking Kratom for about 10 months now. It has helped tremendously with my MIGRAINES. I recently tried O.P.M.S. and it is as you probably know really good and I only have to take 1 pill as too 5 or 10. I tried another extract PA Botanicals extract and it looked like coffee grains. It gives me anxiety so I cant tell if its working or not since i give me so much anxiety.
DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR EXTRACTS WITHOUT THE ANXIETY BESIDES O.P.M.S.??? I will try just a different strain I guess thats not extract but a stronger strain. thanks. Hope to hear from you
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Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25626

  • Nan70
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I buy from Pa Botanicals but only the single strain powder no enhanced or extracts.
I cannot comment on the effects of extracts.
I do know that certain white strains can cause me anxiety and I have not tried too many white strains because of this.
Hopefully someone can give their opinions on extracts.
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Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25660

  • cybin_spores
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I don’t use extracts either. I did buy some like twice several years ago, but I like the plain leaf better, that’s all I ever use. Right now I have some red maeng da from Canopy Botanicals, and it’s awesome for pain. My back hurts almost everyday when I get home from work, and I’ll take around 2.7 - 3 grams sometimes 4g, and it takes the pain away every time. I can’t say it will get rid of a migraine though. Another one I’ve been using everyday in the mornings is quad maeng da from Re-Leaf LLC. It’s awesome.
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Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25673

  • bomalley
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Did you know......OPMS was named by vendors to make it sound like OPIUM

This is a VERY potent and concentrated product which is WHY people like it, but tolerance develops quickly.

I am so glad you have found some relief with Kratom, however, it is too bad you started with this VERY potent product.

If you are switching to plain leaf, a red strain would be the best for pain as they have the highest level of pain relieving alkaloids and the lowest level of energizing alkaloids (which would be giving you the anxiety I think).

Is is my understanding that extracts are not necessarily from a single strain BUT rather a concentration of the alkaloids taken from the leaf, so could be a variety of strains put together?

I think your situation could be best adressed by experimenting with single strains starting first with reds. You may find that you have to gradually increase the dose to get the pain under control BUT that will allow your body to gradually adjust to the presence of the alkaloids and reduce the probability of things like anxiety and/or nausea from being so unpleasant.

When I first started I felt pretty bad at 2Gms but now I can tolerate much larger doses without unpleasant side effects, so just sharing and offerring advice based on my own experience.

I look forward to hearing what others have to contribute.

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Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25709

  • Laurie
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Hi Marty,

There is a button up top that says, “VENDORS” and the list of vetted and ILK APPROVED VENDORS are listed in alphabetical order (except Re-Leaf is listed after the ‘s’s).

Top Extracts, Jim, put out a great email blast this morning. They will help you.
Also, there’s PDO, Jeffrey. He also has some excellent extract products. Both of these vendors are Uber experienced.
Joe at Re-Leaf LLC also can help you find your “usual” happy place if you text him and ask!

I’m currently taste testing product from EZ KRATOM / EZ DISTRIBUTION and their extract products are my current favorite. See our list on how to reach Zack at EZ! He’s knowledgeable and a big supporter of ours and AKA. He’s been listed here for AGES and I’m only JUST NOW trying their products and it’s one of my more enjoyed sampling’s.

But, I used some resin from EZ yesterday. So of course, today I felt a bit like DOO DOO and barely got through my morning obligations. Exercise had to be cut back 15 mins.
Extracts are NOT for everyday use unless you have a terminal illness because you will have withdrawal from kratom Extracts and it will be much the same as opiate withdrawal only not nearly as long or as strong. Nobody decides, “I think I’ll be an addict”. Use serious caution with Extracts. I’m hoarding mine for emergencies.

So I decided to go rest and finish my chores later today because I’m abnormally weak today. Came home to rest a bit. BUT FIRST t&w a 1/2 tsp of WHITE MAENG DA I got during BanMania 2016 and TUH DUH, I feel better! No extracts are in it.
I better get my remaining chores done! I hope! Long day ahead.

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Migraines 1 year 6 months ago #25891

  • Bridget
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Question for you, Marty. Do you use the kratom as a migraine preventative or when you get a migraine? Right now I use a prescription triptan drug when a migraine starts, usually along with some OTC anti inflammatory meds to help it along.

If you use it to stop a migraine in progress, do you, or does anyone else know, if it's safe to also take the triptan if the kratom alone doesn't work? Since the prescription meds are so expensive, I'm able to take much less when I pair it with another pain med. I'd be happy to continue using the prescription if the kratom helped me take even less.

If you are using it as a preventative, how does that work?

Hope you don't mind my asking. I'm soooo sick of migraines and always on the lookout for any relief I can get.

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