07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: new to kratombut glad i found this plant

new to kratombut glad i found this plant 1 month 6 days ago #47360

  • buckey
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Hi Friends New to this plant .I struggle with chronic pain threw out my body from being in a profession for over 40 years that is very physical demanding and is the number one most dangerous jobs to have in Canada, so my body has been threw a lot. I really like how kratom has help with my pain and I use 3 to5 grams 3 times a day, and was wounding is that a lot, and can I do this every day for extended periods of time without worrying about getting with drawls from it if I take a break,
Thank you if anyone can weigh in on this for me be well all.
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new to kratombut glad i found this plant 1 month 6 days ago #47362

  • Littlebear3
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Personally, I only use 2 grams in the morning, and occasionally 1 gram in the afternoon. Kratom dosage varies. However, often less is more. Try two grams and see if you get the same effect.

Three is pretty common for people. Many on here have been taking it for years. There are issues such as tolerance. but that can be handled. You will find answers to almost any question on this list.

Kratom is a miracle for chronic pain. You will see others talking about addiction, etc. Personally, I have stopped Kratom for a couple days on two occasiona and did not notice any withdrawal. But again, it is personal. My dosage is pretty low overall.

If the alternative is taking opiates for pain, I don't think anyone would think Opiates are better than Kratom. The addiction with opiates is much more severe.

The first few times I took Kratom it was a miracle. For the last year I have taken it daily and reduced my need for NSAIDs dramatically. I truly believe Kratom will do me less harm than taking other meds for pain.
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new to kratombut glad i found this plant 1 month 6 days ago #47365

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Hey buckey

Nice to have you here , Kratom is the best tool I’ve found for addressing my chronic pain , I’ve been taking daily for a while now.
I feel like the amount your taking is pretty reasonable... 15gms a day isn’t a whole lot imo... I take approximately 25-30gpd, (give or take ) for 2-1/2 years. I’ve only taken a day and a half break twice in that time ... feeling a bit less energized was the biggest thing felt ... I was taking akuamma to help which it did a wonderful job of doing ...

So to answer your question ... will stopping kratom give you WD with the amount your taking ..? Really depends on the amount one takes and your personal chemistry...I’m sure you will feel the lack of energy ,the pain coming back that kratom was helping you with ... some added aches and some runny nose effects. Some folks who take huge amount every day or use extract regularly may have a whole different set of more intense issues to contend with when abruptly stopping ..... your amount is respectful and pretty low compared to many.

I think it’s best to tapper and supplement with other herbs like akuamma and some nervines to make the tapper more conducive if you decide to take a mini or extended break .

Littlebear is right about less being more with kratom, and tolerance is a factor to consider. I used to take higher dose amounts for pain but found that cutting it down by 1/3 -1/2 less was better , still had great pain relief and the energy and moodlifting effects became more pronounced.

Some folks take small breaks to help reset their tolerance . Between a few days to a few weeks ... if you find that your needing to take more and getting less of beneficial effectts , cut down your dose or consider taking a break for a bit ..

Your doing good Buckey! Take kratom as you need , others I’m sure will add to this .. but imo it’s the safest and most effective form of herbs one can utilize in helping for pain, depression and anxiety!!

Take care my friend !!


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new to kratombut glad i found this plant 1 month 6 days ago #47380

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Welcome Bucky,
Glad to see you came to check out the ILK family. :-bd
My Grandkids say I’m a cuckoo head. ;)
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new to kratombut glad i found this plant 1 month 5 days ago #47385

  • michele373
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hey buckley! happy to have you here.

I have been taking kratom for almost exactly a year. started with the same size doses. I think everyones 'sweet spot' is different. and with most smaller doses I just don't get the relief. my doses were slowly increasing, even though I change vendors and strains often enough.

my doses plateaued at 5-7 g on average.

im on a full break right now with akuamma, Incarvillea, and other supplements. only take stem and vein for breakthrough pain. ill take skullcap or corydalis to help with sleep and pain, but not nightly.

I routinely take at least a day on average as a 'break' depending on my hours. I have a fairly physical job as well. only downside to this story is I cant tell you if I had any real w/ds cause I was sick right when I had the planned break. but I don't think so. actually doing quite well. but to be clear, my hours are very limited right now. I worked 8 hrs last week. I usually do 45-65 hrs/ wk.

my suggestion to you is rotate strains and companies often

example. just for illustration purposes

Monday- oties yellow gold AM, in sense green hulu lunchtime, red Sumatra gold leaf PM

Tuesday- fused flora gold tamiang, in sense green hulu, oties black bali

Wednesday- top extracts yellow indo, re-leaf blend I fancy, natures cure red borneo

Thursday- Bennis super green nugroz, Bennis maeng da blend, Bennis benti bali

you get the idea lol.. maybe even if you blend like I do, a different company every 3 or 4 days and just keep rotating. do whole leaf not blended about half the time to keep your receptors fresh. or do white/ green AM one day and red/ white the next ect.

glad to have you here and don't be afraid to ask anything
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