21 Jun 2018
Today, June 21st, 2018, the American Kratom Association sent a letter authored by 9 leading experts on Kratom to the House and Senate Leadership in advance of the upcoming Senate Judicial Committee hearing. See the Press Release here: www.americankratom.org/aka-works-with-scientists

The full letter is available on the AKA Website: docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/9ba5da_b39467484a...92451a30150c7a87.pdf
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TOPIC: Kratom Bans and how to stop them./ I hope everyone reads this.

Kratom Bans and how to stop them./ I hope everyone reads this. 2 years 5 months ago #7414

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I was sent the article form the N-Y- times editor about this Russian girl that was on dope,{heroin }and she went to a store bought a drink, some of it was Kratom and who knows what else .Probably some opiate pills and ,she gets off the Dope and blames Kratom for her going back to Heroin.If that were even the case,Kratom is far more the lesser of two evils but that´s not the case with this woman. She is not done getting high.
I never heard of anyone robbing a store or anyone else to buy Kratom. Most Kratom advocates i have met are business people like myself and or exercise people who are king,and very responsible but let me tell you my story.I am over 60 and was a CEO of these multi-million dollar companies. Unfortunately i have also added to the mix, a very bad and i mean bad addiction problem.I wanted to stop i really did,but couldn't´t as i was hooked with no rehab around and i mean that too! I was on methadone, heroin for many many years.I had triedeverything but it didn´t work. I am well versed in addiction and all the medicines to detox, yet i just couldn´t maintain my sobriety. I was searching and this young girl who i met at one of the forums told me about Kratom and it is used exclusively in New Zealand for opiate detox.I did a lot of research and spoke to people that got off of drugs like methadone and other opiates using Kratom- I thin contacted someone who told me that he quit 120 mgs of Methadone after 4 yrs of use using Kratom. So i followed his instructions and to my surprise, i didn´t go through any horrible withdrawals and i was able to eat. I slept a little but i didn´t expect to sleep at all.It worked and it held me. There´s an expression.When you´re done, you´re done!! That girl in Delray beach was not done using. I personally spread the good word what happened to me and how my life has changed because of not being hooked on drugs anymore.!
kratom is a life saver along with prayer and a 12 step program.I look good, my vitals are good and i feel like a human again.I had the honor of helping a girl stop methadone 50 mgs for 10 yrs with kratom and now by choice she is just totally clean!! Kratom does enhance some receptor in the brain as alcohol which kills more people every year than anything else.&They call that legal and they want to Ban Kratom.
Ignorant people. Look , i was more successful than 99% of the people in the world ; but when i addiction got the best of me, all bet´s were off.Why didn´t the Editor of the Times print this article.Well now he
can. That is sheer ignorance to pick some girl, who is so young and wants to get high and blame it on Kratom .Could Kratom be addictive; well as much as a cup or two of coffee. You see a rehab in Delray Beach
was instrumental in starting this problem and getting the Times Editor to write this story. Why, because they would rather treat addicts and over bill their insurance companies than have something natural and inexpensive that saves lives. Imagine when the government sees that Kratom is safer and much better than methadone, suboxone, for withdrawals they will keep a tight lid on it and charge us a fortune. Don´t think this is not possible because it is!!Oxycontin has killed many people and ruined people´s lives but they kick back so much money under the table to the powers to be people look the other way. You see Kratom is a threat to the big Purdue Pharma and other generic oxycodone producing companies like that. Why? The government doesn´t get any proceeds form Kratom companies.If we do not stand together and write and support each other to fight all bans we will be in trouble!!!! If anyone wants help detoxing please contact me. I am not a business and do not or am interested in making money off anyone.!! I just want to give what was freely given to me.
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Kratom Bans and how to stop them./ I hope everyone reads this. 2 years 5 months ago #7540

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Hey there Gman,

That's a really inspiring story, I feel the exact same as you about the "When you're done, you're done" I feel like it's impossible to make anyone quit anything, the only way they're going to stop is on their terms. I'm not saying you can't influence their decision because if you mean enough to the person then you certain can but you're not going to be able to make their mind up for them.

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