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TOPIC: Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators 2 years 10 months ago #11463

  • Remy
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when you get a batch of kratom, what do you notice about the better quality kratom?...how does it differ in texture and color?

i havent shopped around a whole lot of different vendors (maybe 3 or 4) but what iv seemed to notice is that when i get very smooth textured kratom (micronized to a powder almost like flower) it seems to have a much better burn as opposed to more gritty textured kratom...also when it seems to stick to the measuring spoon, i take that as meaning its more fresh because its moist....although i suppose water could have been added to it to make it appear less dry/old.

but in general, have any of you been able to eyeball a high quality batch of kratom? what are the signs you look for?

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Quality Indicators 2 years 10 months ago #11468

  • Abraxas
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Good question. I'm interested to see what people say.

For me it's the smell and taste. The more aromatic the more potent and there is a certain almost acidic bitterness that always seems to accompany a high alkaloid content.

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Quality Indicators 2 years 10 months ago #11469

  • madmaxnightrider
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That is a very good Question Remy because each Vendors Kratom is going to be different even different batches from the same Vendor are going to be different. That's very hard to answer. For me I would say the Strong Aroma & that it has very little stem & vein in it. That's just my opinion. You can tell when Kratom has gotten Stale is has a different smell or aroma to it. So I totally agree with Abraxas on this.

Just because some Vendor has made the Powder Finer is not going to make it any better quality. There's a certain point where the grind doesn't really matter unless it's a big difference in grinds like Micronized & Crushed but everybody experiences Kratom differently. Just My Thoughts.
If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.

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Quality Indicators 2 years 10 months ago #11472

  • cybin_spores
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I kind of agree with these two. When the powder has a sweet and/or acrid aroma usually s a good indicator. But it could have a great smell and a powder sugar texture and still may not have the highest alkaloid content. I guess it also depends on what strain you get, like with reds, a lot of the time really high quality is a dark reddish/brownish color. Green strains are usually a dark green, and whites are a lighter green. But this varies with batches and vendors. So I guess the only real way to know the quality for sure, is to try it and see.
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Quality Indicators 2 years 10 months ago #11765

  • Douglas168
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Obviously the best indicator of quality would be to do the alkaloid and microbiology testing via an analytical laboratory. With that being said, Remy you will start to be able to discern quality as you get more experienced with this plant. A fine grind will assist in quick assimilation and absorption if it is being encapsulated. A low alkaloid batch can have a flour like consistency as well. Aroma is a good indicator of freshness just like you get a very nice fresh batch of newly roasted coffee. Also stick to vendors that are mentioned in this forum in general. This is not to say there are not other vendors offering a quality product, but feedback in this forum is a good general indicator of current quality with the different vendors. Also this time of year is an EXCELLENT time for kratom harvesting. This helps quality too depending on the time of year. :)

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