07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Good To Know!

Good To Know! 2 years 8 months ago #13039

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Here are some things that are Good To Know while using Kratom.

Always stay Hydrated because Kratom will Dehydrate you. Kratom can cause Constipation so be sure & take plenty of Fiber, Balanced Meals, Stool Softeners & Exercise to keep everything flowing good. Exercise is always good because it keeps your body in better shape & helps the Kratom work better also. Always Experiment with Dosages, Strains, Combos, Vendors to see which ones work best for you. Never take a Strain for more than 3 or 4 days in a row because it will lose it's effectiveness. Keep your body guessing by taking Kratom at different times of the day instead of taking it at the same time every single day.

Always remember Less Is More with Kratom so try & take the least amount that you can so you don't waste any of your Kratom. Kratom will effect each & every person differently because everybody metabolizes it differently. So each Strain, Combo or Dose is going to effect everybody differently most of the time.

Also there are many Potentiators that you can use to make Kratom more Potent & Last Longer. I would Recommend Magnesium, Vitamin C, Turmeric, St. John's Wart, Grapes & many more. You will have to find the ones that best work for you. Be sure & take the Potentiators at least 30 minutes before your dose. Most of the time Kratom works best when taken on an stomach. When starting to try a new vendor or a new strain always start with a low amount like 2 grams & it nothing happens within 30 minutes & take another 2 grams.

I wouldn't recommend getting Kratom from any head shops because their Kratom is usually not fresh & is very expensive. I also would not recommend using Extracts or Enhanced Kratom since it will make your Tolerance shoot up very Quickly. Usually Toss N Wash is the Best Method to take Kratom. It will take awhile to get the hang of it but once you do it right there is no better way. I don't even taste the Kratom anymore. I wouldn't recommend capsules either unless you have to take them in a public place for convenience. The capsules never get broken down at the same time.

You can buy Crushed Leaves & use a Coffee Grinder to grind the Leaves into a rough powder for a fresh Powder. Crushed Leaves stay fresh longer than powder does. Usually Kratom lasts a good 5 - 6 months before it starts losing some of its Freshness or effects. Always keep your Kratom in a cool, dry place away from heat & humidity. Also keep it sealed up real good for Freshness. I usually will double bag my Kratom in Ziploc bags or keep it in a Tight Sealed Tupperware Container.

I thought this would be some good info that might help some newbies. I will be posting more Good Info on Kratom. I've been Learning even more about Kratom
If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.
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Good To Know! 2 years 8 months ago #13042

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Very good info for any newcomer :-bd
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Good To Know! 2 years 8 months ago #13234

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I am not a fan of Toss and Wash at all, but I am a huge fan of orange juice! I mix my dose in with some OJ, stir until it's mixed, and take it that way (while plugging my nose :P ), chasing it with more OJ. I got some small plastic containers from the dollar store and I set up a couple of doses each night for the next day or two.

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