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TOPIC: Tumeric Tolerance Decrease

Tumeric Tolerance Decrease 2 years 5 months ago #13045

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Hello all :-h

Ok, so i have been working on a comfortable tolerance break and still am lol. But i did want to post my findings with Tumeric extract from Socal 85% extract i think. I would like to mention it was about two days after starting to take 1g. twice daily before a Kratom dose or at the end of the day that i noticed it was working, and for me was reversing my tolerance i believe without even taking a break.

Tumeric has a horrible bio availability ratio on its own. So what i have been doing is making a form of golden milk with it. I take Vanilla flavored Almond milk and heat up a coffee cup sized portion on the stove top until slightly more than warm. I then put 1-2g of Tumeric in there and stir it up real good. I continue to heat this up for about five min. The fat in the milk is supposed to help make the tumeric more bio available. Then i pour it through one of the plastic re usable coffee filters to strain it into a measuring cup. I then add some honey, and some cinnamon for taste after straining, then i pour this into a coffee cup to drink. Also very important i take about a teaspoon of black pepper prior to drinking this to help with bio availability as well. I use the toss and wash method for the pepper. then after a couple min of letting the mixture cool i drink it. I find it to taste very good. Note that a this mixture is a little too thick to strain through a normal coffee filter.

My resulsts from drinking this.

If i drink this about thirty min before a Kratom dose i notice a big difference in increased effects from Kratom, to the point where i find i need to lower my dose. So at first i thought this was just a great potentiator. I mean it was enough of a difference that i was experiencing sedation with a white strain that normally gives me plenty of energy, and i am not a fan of sedating effects at all lol. :blink:

Even when i drink this at night before bed, the following day i still notice the potientiating effects with every dose of Kratom. And after a couple days of doing this ( i am up to five days now) I am noticing that all of my doses have been reduced and i am getting better and longer lasting effects even with the smaller dose. (most noticable the last 2 days) I also use mag once the day about 1500 mg at night before bed of the magnesium oxide tablets to help keep everything regulated. I have not pinpointed exactly what is doing it but somehow i believe my tolerance is actually decreasing while i take Kratom everyday, Note that i sometimes only dose once or twice and other days i will dose 4 times depending on what i have going on that day. But it beleive this tumeric is building up in my system to keep giving me these results, and i am curious if my tolerance will still be the same after a couple days of not taking tumeric. So basically i cannot decide if my tolerance is decreasing or if having the tumeric in my system is just potentiating my kratom doses.

Another thing to note is that i did not notice that my tolerance was decreasing at first so one time i took my normal dose after taking this tumeric the previous night. I think it was about the third day, And i actually experienced quite a sedating effect from White Sumatra from Socal. I was unsure of what was going on so that evening i tried another normal dose after taking my daily dose of tumeric, 4g. of Green Vietnam, that evening. And once again, got little energy (which was odd for this strain for me) and mostly sedation to the point where going to bed sounded like a heavenly idea lol. The following day i cut my dose down to 3g. White horn Socal, and I got the effects i was more familiar with, Energy, motivation and more sociable. So Now i have been taking just 3g. Kratom at a time and am getting normal results in effects. Which is the dose size i started Kratom with, and there for a while i needed 4-5g to feel the normal effects. :-bd I felt a bit foolish for not thinking to decrease my dose sooner. :oops:

Note that i have only been using kratom about a month, and i take 1-2 days S&V break weekly if i remember to, and sometimes replace a dose with S&V, and so tolerance has not really been an issue. But i am trying to stay on top of it to keep Kratom effective for me. I do not know if being such a newbie is why i am experiencing this. Has anyone else experienced a decreasing tolerance without taking a break from Kratom? and does anyone else have any experiences with tumeric they would like to share? I am still experimenting with this as i am fixing to take a longer break to completely reset tolerance (not far off already), and will keep tumeric in the process, especially since it is cheap. and will let you guys know my results after a couple of times of trying this. Please Let me know if anyone else has any experiences with using tumeric like this. :) And will also be making a post of how well certain potientators worked for me and what dose i used for them, and info like that. Thanx for reading this :)
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Tumeric Tolerance Decrease 2 years 5 months ago #13050

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I am using a turmeric supplement that has black pepper added. I think it does help a little with tolerance but since it has only 450 mg per serving and I take 1/2 a serving twice per day, I don't think I am getting the tolerance decrease you are. I may looking into powdered turmeric as it may be even cheaper. I know lifeforce kratom even has a kratom and turmeric blend that looks interesting, it's called 'Sunshine blend' I believe. Agmaitine seems to help a little as well. I do notice you are taking Magnesium Oxide. I would look into a different form like Magnesium citrate. I use the magnesium drink called Calm. I can't say for certain if does decrease tolerance, but it does keep me regular.

For decrease in tolerance without taking a break, S&V is your best bet. If you have enough strains, I don't think you need to do s&V weekly, I think you could get by every 2-3 weeks.
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