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TOPIC: Can I take Kratom while on accutane?

Can I take Kratom while on accutane? 1 year 1 month ago #13429

I was wondering if I'm able to still take Kratom once I go on accutane.
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Can I take Kratom while on accutane? 1 year 1 month ago #13501


Ryan, are you familiar with the side effects of this one? I HIGHLY suggest reading up on it in length. This medicine is a gift from God, and it saved me as a young person. I had acne, profound acne. It was a "cure" when it first came out, and it "cured" me. It was over 400 USD per month, but it came with severe side effects. It made me weird, suicidal, and I had thoughts that I won't share on here. I'm not sure if you can still find the hold reports on the suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, but if you dig deep enough I bet you find it. Please read up on this, it has been known to interact with certain things that boost mood, like certain natural anti-depressants, like St. Johns Wort. You also have to take into consideration that steroids increase these side effects, at least that's what the studies I've read, said, which was over a decade ago. If you're in your teens, you may have an excess of testosterone, which is a steroid. Read careful on this one and tread lightly. Speak with a doctor.

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