07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: How do you track your kratom usage?

How do you track your kratom usage? 6 days 13 hours ago #35805

  • DenverJeff
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Kratom use and lifestyle is so complex, and I’m curious to know if others track their usage in some way? Over the past year I’ve purchased small packs and trial samples (70+) from multiple vendors based on peoples’ online comments and reviews. What works for me one day might not work the next, and strains vary from vendor to vendor.

So, I developed an Excel spreadsheet to track my kratom use. My spreadsheet has grown over the past year, and these are the dosing characteristics I track: name of strain, color, vendor (source), pain relief (0 to 3), energy (-1 to 1), mood elevation (0 to 3), dosing date, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), the claim (what other people and vendors say), my personal notes, my overall experience rating (1 [low] to 3 [high]), and purchase again? (Y or N).

Diet is another factor I’m considering tracking, but that becomes really complex.

Do you track any factors I haven’t mentioned? And does it make a difference for you?
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How do you track your kratom usage? 6 days 12 hours ago #35806

  • Usernametaken
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:-h DenverJeff, welcome to ILK. At the beginning of my kratom experience I tracked the same things you do now. It’s been 2 1/2 years of daily use and I’m still learning & experimenting but I’ve stopped keeping a journal, mainly due to laziness I guess. I do think what you eat effects how you respond to kratom. There are so many factors that I believe influence how kratom effects people it would be very difficult to keep track of them all! I used to keep track of the meds I took & the time I took them because I think that influences kratom too. Another thing you may rate is your mood, energy level, and pain (if applicable) Before your first dose. Good Luck on your journey! Take Care
Live, Learn, Love....
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How do you track your kratom usage? 6 days 12 hours ago #35807

  • Laurie
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Welcome to the best kratom forum ever, DenverJeff!

Your tracking sounds extremely helpful! I do think that other herbs / meds used AND food choices each day have an impact on results (as well as overall health, obviously).

I still find myself feeling like I’m gambling when it comes to placing orders for the future. It’s been impossible for me to PURPOSELY stock my zombie apocalypse stash with what I WILL need or MIGHT need in the future. I’d be interested in how the tracking has helped you hone in your orders to better meet needs.

I’m still a sample buyer. Not a vendor’s favorite customer. Samples cost them more in labor and packaging.
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How do you track your kratom usage? 6 days 9 hours ago #35816

  • Nan70
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I have a working rotation of Kratom based on favorite samples that work for me. I reorder the kratom from the samples but never more than 100-200 grams. I have been lucky I have fairly consistent results. Sometimes a new sample has to go in the the "no fly" pile.
Quality kratom from vendors is important so I have 3 or 4 vendors I usually stay with.

For managing pain I use greens first thing in the morning always on an empty stomach. I will select from a bag I labeled "green work". not all greens offer me enough pain relief so its was note taking in the beginning. I have been lucky that reorders of the same strains have been consistent from the same vendor. What I did find out for example Green Borneo from Pa botanicals is not the same as Green Borneo from Kratom Eye. Both potent except one worked great for energy and pain, the other energy and excellent mood lift but very little pain relief.

I take Reds only at night 3 hours after food, and most offer enough pain relief , Reds are less picky for me I have some I have to dose down because they are more potent or more sedating I have cues marked on the bag like Zombie,Sofa Drool, Happy Happy,num numb.... I rotate according to my mood and pain level.

When I reorder I like to try new strains from vendors and sometimes I order a small 10 gram and the larger size together in case an old favorite strain ends up a "no fly" I can return the unopened larger package.

I use other botanicals sometimes for break through pain to keep my kratom doses spaced evenly. Usually they have no effect on the kratom.

The Z.A.P.S(zombie apocalypse prepper stash) is based around my favorite vendors and every few months I will pull out a bag and refresh a new in there and I feel like a kid in a candy store my recent pull was old school Re-leaf Super Red Kindra, I had two bags so still some for the stash.
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How do you track your kratom usage? 6 days 3 hours ago #35829

  • jayisk
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I actually dont keep any formal tracking. My go to vendors are insense botanicals, Inland botanicals, PA botanicals, and PDO. Have been happy with their service and quality of products.

I dose first thing in the morning and then throughout the day. I never buy over 50 grams anymore. So i always have a fresh supply to choice from. I generally go by how i feel and pick what strains and vendors i feel like mixing based off that.
Has been working out well for me.
I dont think i could do just one or two strains. I like having the variety.
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