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TOPIC: Roadmap to Capping Your Own verse Toss and Wash

Roadmap to Capping Your Own verse Toss and Wash 3 months 2 weeks ago #36610

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I'm a cheap kind of guy and the premium to buy already capped over capping yourself is just too big. Although if you were paying yourself per hour it may not be such a difference!

I really dislike the taste of Kratom so I don't toss and wash very often. Also I feel like a druggy sneaking to a private place to toss down a powder.

The advantage to Toss and Wash is that it hits your system quickly. A disadvantage of Capsules is they have a tendency to get stuck in the top of your esophagus. This article describes it very well.

An advantage to Capsules is that it's much easier to control your dose. When I make a batch of capsules they always weigh the same. Approximately 1/2 a g or 500mg for size 00 and appoximately 840mg -870mg for 000 can't remember Exact weight.

I've tried two types of machines.
Cap M Quick Capsule Filling machine
Just go to ebay and search for Cap M Quik Capsule Filling-Machine
The Capsarior (000)

ALL-IN Capsule (00)

For Caps
This is very good deal on 000 Caps and the quality of the caps are flawless

Tip: I always buy the separated capsules it saves the tedious time involved in separating the top from bottom. Yes a little more expensive but it saves a lot of time and tedium.

I suggest the Capsarior type of machine because it's fairly automated and it snaps all the caps on at once. Also you filter the caps so tops and bottoms are automated and mostly filled. The other machine does it by hand and is much slower.

The reason why I originally went with the Cap M machine is that I figured the other wouldn't work. Not true the other works well, not perfect but well. I suspect that people who don't get good results from this machine may be using a cheaper quality of Capsule. In the past I've bought 000 capsules that didn't fit together well. The ones I recently bought from Amazon snap together with precision.

The choice is over whether you get 00 or 000 capsules. I originally started with the 000 maker then when I went to the Capsorior style I bought a 00. But going forward I'll try to use the 000 as often as I can. One intangible is that the 000 is larger and easier to tamp and work with the machine. The 00 just feels a little cramped. So where possible I'm going to stick to the 000 maker.

The advantage of the 00 is that the batch size will be 50g. The capsules are smaller and may be easier for you to swallow. I actually find that the 000 larger works better for me. The disadvantage is that you have to put in 40% more work. Example to cap 170g of product would take 3.2 batches of 00 but only 2 batches of 000.

I'm at around 2 batches per hour and I suspect someone more dextrous could to 3-4 per hour. Very happy with my new machine.

Some of our approved vendors may carry the capping machines so if any do please chime in on this thread.
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