07 Feb 2019
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Over the last 7 years this forum has grown exponentially. With your help, We have created a community of Kratom enthusiasts to come together and discuss the industry. The traffic that this site has received has been exciting but also overwhelming. All the while the site grew a little out of date. Over the last few weeks we have updated the platform of the Forum as well as the face of the forum. CHECK OUT THAT NEW LOGO!!! sweet right?!

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If you're new to Kratom, this is the spot to ask questions and get more familiar.
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TOPIC: Interactions?

Interactions? 11 months 1 week ago #28964

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Hi all! I am new to Kratom and wanted to get some info. I pinched my sciatic nerve last week and someone suggested Kratom. I had never heard of it but was willing to give it try. I found a vendor (not a smoke shop)located in my local mall. He had me try Red Vein while I was there and, oh man, the pain was gone within 20 mins. He also suggested Maeng Da (I have not tried it yet). So my question is: Are there any interactions with other meds? I currently take two different anti-depressants (Zoloft and Wellbutrin) and an anti-anxiety med (Vistaril). Also, what should I expect from the Maeng Da? (I believe it's the white vein). Thanks!
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Interactions? 11 months 1 week ago #28965

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White Vein Maeng Da will not give you as much pain relief as a red vein.

We always suggest using a red strain if you are starting Kratom specifically for pain relief. It takes some time to experiment with the different reds and get a handle on how they affect you.

Once you get this then reaching out to try other strains...maybe greens next and then whites would be the way to go.

It would be good for you to know exactly how much you took so that you know what dose to repeat in the future.

We always suggest a starting dose of 2 gms. This dose seems to be well tolerated by most people and provides enough of the pain relieving alkaloids to make a difference.

Taking too much Kratom will not be pleasant ( nausea and vomitting).

I have no experience with your other question regarding meds so will leave that answer to others here on the forum who may have more specific experience.

I CAN tell you though, that Kratom is about 100 tines more safe than any of the drugs you are now taking.

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Interactions? 11 months 1 week ago #28970

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Welcome to the best kratom forum ever, ts1414!

I find kratom the ONLY help besides naproxen (NSAIDS) in moderation for sciatic nerve pain.

Red Vein in low doses (any variety) will slightly boost mood and help with what helps most: PHYSICAL THERAPY (PT) . Hopefully you’ll get set up for some PT for HEALING the area. Kratom merely helps you MOVE to GET self care UNDER WAY.

Sometimes it takes HOURS for me to get the dose right. I can PLAN and WEIGH OUT the same thing that helped me one day for the morning. But each day my metabolism is a completely different animal and that strategy doesn’t work (for me). Works for many here.

Probably a complication as I’m also battling menopausal symptoms (on and off) and FATIGUE from “fibromyalgia but not”.



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