08 Dec 2012
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TOPIC: New Seizure!

New Seizure! 2 years 6 months ago #7647

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kratom seizures will not get any better. You can import right but if they want to screw with you they will and they do. They will hold your kratom for months before even deciding what to do with it.

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Your southern california source for quality kratom, kava and herbs at awesome prices with the best customer service you can find anywhere

New Seizure! 2 years 6 months ago #7652

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Laurie wrote: Statistically, alcohol kills more people than ANYTHING else. Nobody seems to pay attention to THAT, because it is "socially acceptable" and legal. Kratom has a stigma that is ONLY driven by misunderstanding and politicians lobbying for the pharmaceutical industry. Kratom is legal in most states (should be ALL states), and has not been fatal, even statistically, ever. It has been BLAMED when found near fatalities of unknown causes. The results of the toxicology findings on these fatalities (blamed on Kratom, initially) are NEVER publicized.
Misinformation and misunderstanding are the ONLY problems Kratom users/suppliers are constantly having to overcome.

I know Alcohol Should Really be Illegal. They tried to ban it years ago but didn't work. They say that only 10 percent of Recovering Alcoholics never touch Alcohol again. That means that 90 percent don't stand a chance against Alcohol.

I was in Out-Patient Rehab with a person who was a Recovering Alcoholic & hasn't took a drink in 30 years. But one day his Boss fired him & then that Pushed him over the Edge & he Started Drinking after 30 Years of Sobriety.

I've heard that there are 10 Million Heroin Addicts in the world that are using everyday. The Illegal Drug Industry is a $350 Billion Dollar a Year Business & growing ever year & there's nothing that law enforcement can do to stop it. They only Seize about 15% of All Illegal Drugs coming into The U.S. :-?

The Biggest Killer in the World by far is Mosquitos killing people by carrying Diseases. Mosquitos have killed countless Millions.

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If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.

New Seizure! 2 years 6 months ago #7728

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all the vendors that I have read and I see most of the regions in Europe,.
when in fact the best kratom raw materials coming from other regions of Asia because other types of kratom and asia export it to Europe. but why the seller is only of Europe doesn't share with asia?
I come from asia and I dare compete with the price of the big companies there.

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