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TOPIC: Kratom and opiods

Kratom and opiods 7 months 2 weeks ago #39653

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The best advice someone gave me re: kratom was recognizing the thin line between your sweet spot and a full blown buzz. Never go for the buzz or feeling opioid meds give you. You will only end up upping your dose until negative side effects kick in, including tolerance issues. Just find good stable ground for yourself. Then, if you find you are having to use more, try another vendor or strain/blend and rotate. Just subconsciously, we can expect kratom to feel the same as a synthetic pain med, when in reality, it's better than that. It's more subtle and you can find a mix that works for you individually.
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Kratom and opiods 6 months 2 weeks ago #41103

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BaliDreamzzz wrote: I can expand on this a little bit from my experience as I rotate every few days between Kratom and gabapentin. If I feel my kraton tolerance going up, ill switch a few days to the gabapentin, and when I switch back to the Kratom I have noticed that my tolerance had diminished. So taking the opiods and the kraton, although providing similar relief, neither has gotten in the way of the other and I find it a great tool to lower tolerance on both ends. Especially since like Laurie said, the longer you can wait to take your Kratom the lower your tolerance will be and the more benefits you should receive. My word is not bible, but based on my experience, rotating the two has tremendously assisted in keeping my tolerance down. Hope this helps a bit!

I’m a bit confused because gabapentin isn’t an opiate/opioid. I understand how switching from kratom to gabapentin and back keeps tolerance down for the kratom.

I find that gabapentin potentiates the effects of kratom but that’s my personal experience. I’m no longer prescribed it since the psychiatrist said it’s used off label for anxiety and he’s not comfortable prescribing it.

He had been refilling it for me as I had been on it awhile. I’ve been going to same place for psyc meds but the Drs. Keep changing. I wasn’t taking gabapentin regularly then told I needed to by my psyc ATM but this Dr. feels differently so when I scheduled an appt later than I should’ve he realized I had gone w/o and wouldn’t refill.

Truth is it didn’t help My anxiety. I have severe neuropathy but I don’t like seeing my PCP so it was easier to get that Med from psyc.

This psyc has also reduced me from #90 1mg clonazepam to #45 .5 mg to #20 .5 To now NONE! He took me down way too fast.

I have history of seizures and I’ve had seizures from Drs tapering me too fast. He says he might prescribe it again but I know it’s doubtful. His reasoning is that studies show long term use of benzos causes early onset dementia.

So it’s more than a war on opiates. Drs. are taking patients off of Any meds that are schedule 2 & 4. Also schedule 3 drugs which do exist but when you get from pharmacy it’s number will
start with a 4.

FDA also considering making gabapentin a class 4 drug. It seems that many ppl who use opiates like taking gabapentin to potentiate them. I’ve seen some people get really messed up on this Med. I’ve heard people say it also potentiates benzos but I haven’t felt that personally. Ppl do sell their gabapentin scripts. I never abused it. I was shocked when I ran out I had w/d I was freezing. Definitely felt different that opiate withdrawals. Without gabapentin I can’t feel my 4 fingers on both hands. If someone tries putting something in my hand and if Idk they’re doing it, I’ll drop it unless it touches my palm. Long story what happened but I literally couldn’t write my own name. I’ve gotten better but it sux not having gabapentin or clonazepam. Without the anti anxiety Med I leave my house even less than when I was taking it. Anyone who knows me personally can’t believe the Dr. won’t prescribe. I shake quite a lot due to anxiety. I’ve never abused this Med or benzos. He’s even given me random drug tests and I pass. SMH
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Kratom and opiods 6 months 1 week ago #41415

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Tammyfaye96 wrote: Hey hon, I'm new here to but not new to the kratom/opioid war. I can add this. Once you get a tolerance to synthetic opioids it NEVER goes back down. Unfortunately your body cannot be reset. I was recently given a narcotic for a kidney stone in the ER (dilauded). I havent had synthetic opioids before this for probably around 5 years and it had no pain relieving effect on me. Just like if I had been a daily user. I can see using both to spread it out or keep a decent level of pain. Right now we are using a combo of the kratom and tring to get to a lower dose of subutex. Only take 1 8mg pill per day. Down from 3 per day. The kratom will help more than u realize. Also do find an approved vendor and mix your strains. Good luck. I know the struggle is real. Noone knows your pain better than you.

Well I guess I can pop in here and give some lived experience on the topic of tolerance.

I have been using Kratom for over two years and I found it when I started to come off Oxycodone, which I had been using for 3 years. I take 7 grams 4 times per day when pain is bad. 3 times on a good day.

I have not taken any oxycodone since I started kratom, however, I had two bouts of dental/oral surgery recently and I can tell you for sure, that my opioid tolerance has come down a BIT but not much.

It was pretty awful to not have adequate pain relief for acute pain. I finally went to my physician who readily prescribed a limited number of Percocet for me so I could get some relief. He knows me and he knows that I am opioid tolerant.

He prescribed one twice per day...I had to take 2 to get ANY kind of pain relief (that would be 10 mg of oxycodone) so I still have a tolerance. However, I needed 20 mg of oxycodone in a single dose when I finally quit because my tolerance had built up that much....so it has come down somewhat.

The moral of the story is, IF you know you are opioid tolerant this HAS to be discussed with your physician, otherwise you will not get adequate pain relief when needed....like a kidney stone event, or surgery.

I TOLD the oral surgeon about my tolerance and he prescribed Tramacet (Tramadol and acetominophen) it was absolutely USELESS. Even two of them did nothing.

So you have to be your own advocate, and it pays to have a good relationship with your doc!

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