07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Beware of Kratom Crumbs

Beware of Kratom Crumbs 1 week 3 days ago #45957

  • wolf8312
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I am not saying these guys are a scam, but they are seriously unprofessional and dishonest.

They will ignore any emails you send them, and avoid any questions before/after shipping that they find inconvenient (such as have you ever shipped using DHL before, or what will the package be labelled as). My last package was stopped by DHL because it was labelled something like 'powder coating' rather than what it actual is- Kratom.

My guess is that Kratom crumbs and other indo vendors who use DHL, do this, because they don't want to tell DHL what is in the packages. My guess would be that they know full well that DHL dosen't allow Kratom. The point is they do not care if your package gets stopped, and will not provide the proper customs forms, or label the shipments correctly. Once it is shipped they can just fall back on the excuse 'oh well its not our fault if customs takes the packages' although they didn't even have the curtsy to even give me such a response, and instead are now just ignoring my emails.

I do not buy kratom with the intention of misleading customs, and want them to decide if the package can come through or not.

Kratom crumbs have not responded to my emails for weeks. I wasn't even asking for a refund, I just wanted to know what they were going to do about it. Very unprofessional and dishonest people. Once they have their money they don't give a damn if the package arrives or not.

Another indo vendor (Kratom karimun) after that was even worse.

I begged the guy not send with DHL, and he did so anyway, while resisting giving me the tracking number for a long time, before he eventually admitted he had shipped using DHL (hasn't arrived yet but I guess it too will be mislabeled and confiscated).

You have no idea how many times I told this guy not to ship using DHL. He promised me he wouldn't, and then just to make a quick buck, he went ahead and did it anyway. He was also very rude and impolite, behaving as if I was a nagging him, when in actual fact I was justified and proved right in my suspicions that he had ignored my instructions not to ship using DHL or UPS.

I have come to the conclusion that such vendors simply do not give a damn about anything other than getting their hands on our money. If anything goes wrong they will not lift a finger to help.

I have therefore decided to no longer use indo vendors, and pay extra for the peace of mind, that comes from reliable European vendors with actual business ethics. The amount of money I have lost using indo vendors recently basically means it is no longer the cheaper option.

I know they do these shady things because they have no alternative, but they are dishonest about it, and should not be shipping using shipping companies that are ignorant (or don't allow) of what is in the packages.

Above all though, I cannot abide such contemptuous customer service.
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Beware of Kratom Crumbs 1 week 3 days ago #45958

  • michele373
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hey wolf!

sorry for your issues. heard many horror stories of the like. I hope you have some resolution. thanks for the warning.

now the good news is you found us. most of the approved vendors here are nothing but stellar for customer service. I had the post office 'lose' myy package months ago and top extracts sent me another one. no issues.

most vendors here also offer us a discount for being a member. if you do have the cash theres a lot of sales right now. all great vendors, personally tried!

in sense/ gold leaf botanicals, oties, inland, COB.. all have specials and sales going on right now. oties is 30% off! I need to get my hands on some red gold soon. their super gold is just that. in sense has 69$ keys right now too. their dark red mang da is one of my top 5 reds. ever.

please feel free to ask specific questions here when/ if you are comfortable. how long have you been taking the leaf? how does it help you?

welcome! ;)
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Beware of Kratom Crumbs 1 week 1 day ago #45982

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Welcome to the best kratom forum ever, wolf8312! Have you been able to find the trusted ILK Approved Vendor list yet? You can swim in great prices and quality products, but we will be happy to show you around the site to see for yourself, too!
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