07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Scared Plant Life

Scared Plant Life 4 years 9 months ago #1173

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Sacred Plant Life

Another vendor with top notch leaf and incredible prices.

All of the leaf I have tried has been great thus far. He tossed in some 3g 30x Maeng Da and 3g 30x Black extracts too.

Ounces are roughly ~$8. Kilos are $125.

A little back story on his company and some other tidbits of information.

EDIT: I would like to state that Gary is TOP NOTCH!! After doing biz with him for over a month now I can firmly state that his products rank right up there with the other top vendors for a fraction of the cost. You can't beat $125 domestic kilograms when the quality is this good. Check it out.

I've tried all of the vendors listed on this forum and each and every one of them have decent product. I love switching it up and blending strains. I have yet to experience the dreaded stagnant strain syndrome. haha.

We started in the business back in 2004 and were one of the very few who offered Kratom them. All of our product came from Psychoactive Herbs when they were supplying 95% of the world. Our website was Kratomplants.com and we sold the business and site to Travis Oefelein and got out of the business until recently. I don't think he is in business anymore but when I was the owner we were selling rooted cuttings and then moved into offering the dried material.

" I know PC Bali used to be broken up into Premium,
Commercial,and Super grades depending on how long the leaves were
allowed to mature or some shit?"

I never inquired about the differences. They basically had only 2 types originally. Premium and commercial and then when Kratom started to take off they began making variations. I was actually surprised when I got back into the business at how many fricken different types there are now. Pretty nuts. I only offer what my suppliers have on hand and sometimes they have very little. Many people come to me asking if I get my stuff from so and so, some common distributors and they do not know that I have my own private connection in Indonesia. Anyone who was using my supplier isn't anymore because I'm hogging all of it lol.

It's a long story about why I got out of the biz but it basically comes down to money. The primary reason was I had an investor who wanted to learn the biz. I was a dumb ass and gave up my source to him and he ran with it. He put his house up for a 2nd mortgage and invested in a lot of kratom, got cocky and tried taking over the biz. He bragged that he was the money maker etc. and I basically told him he wouldn't be making a cent if I hadn't shown him how to run the biz and market it. He had the money to invest and I didn't. I got frustrated with him and just sold the domain to him for $3000 and got out. I was burned out.

I had some money I could invest and decided to look at getting back in so I began looking at the legal side of things to see how much that might affect a future in getting back in. Once they decided it was okay to sell in Illinois I jumped back in. That was only a couple months ago and if why you haven't heard of me. Some of the old school vendors are still around and I speak with them regularly which is pretty cool.

I'm working towards getting rooted cuttings going again to but not sure how long it is going to take to get back into that side of it. I've reached out to other growers but no response.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell and anytime you have questions or just want to chat I'll be here!

I've thought of selling a sample pack and may one day but not right now. To be honest, if my next 2 shipments make it to me from Indonesia we will be offering kilos for $100 no minimum and will make our ounces $5. But...we need our shipments to come in. If all goes well they should all be here within the next 2 weeks.

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