21 Nov 2018
Happy Thanksgiving from the I Love Kratom Community!

We wanted to post all the Black Friday Deals that our approved vendors have made us aware of. We have heard that there are a few vendors that are having a tough time staying stocked up. We are confident one of these vendors would love to help you until your vendor is all stocked up again!
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FREE KRATOM SOAP 3 years 3 months ago #4569

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Hi everyone, it seems that we have a lot people writing reviews for the product in regard to human consumption. I have no way to control what goes on after I've sold the products, but as a vendor who sells Kratom, we're not allowed to sell it for human consumption. What you do with it, is not under my control, but I do have to disconnect myself from it on a certain level. That is why I'm launching our soaps, which we've been making at home since day one.

I do not answer consumption related questions, in anyway, shape, or form. All of you who have dealt with me, know this. I don't sell it for consumption. Since this is illegal, and the FDA will seize all my Kratom packages if I'm selling this product for human consumption, I have started to craft and make my own Kratom incense and soaps, just as I always have. I'm doing this, to show that our Kratom is not being sold for consumption, as I have heard that our Kratom thread has been investigated. This is to prove that I'm genuinely selling the product for crafts, such as soap making, incense, etc. For a limited time, you can order a mini-sample sized Kratom soap from us, which is hand crafted by us. It's free, and it comes with every order. You only need to click on the free sample, and order it. This is a limited time offer, as the procedure to craft such items, is time consuming and costs money.

Today, all orders were shipped with this free sample, as a surprise. I'm curious as to how it will handle the journey in the mail, which is why we haven't been selling it since day one (boxes are very expensive to mail). Right now, there is only the Handmade Peach and Mango scented Shea Butter Soap infused with Cambodian MD. In the near future, I will be selling an authentic Nag Champa scented soap, and a "Super-hit" Nag-Champa scented soap, as well as home made incense with the same scents, which are partially hand crafted, and infused by yours truly, with home made essential oils, including Kratom. Yes, that's right, Kratom infused essential oils, made by me. The incense cones that we will be selling, will be infused with this essential oil and also rolled in it after it's completed.

While I can't control what happens with the product once it leaves, I can show the federal regulatory agency, that our products are sold as something that is not meant for human consumption. As I stated before however, I can't guarantee what ya'll do with it, nor is it my business. Our products are sold with no intent on use, as obviously, some people are consuming, so stating that it's not for human consumption, might be a bit of a stretch. I would rather sell it with no intent, and have a clause that it's not being sold for human consumption.

None of our products have changed, we've only added more. In a week, maybe two weeks, you can purchase the incense, and other soaps. Those take a bit of time to make. For now, please enjoy the free soap, and make sure you check out with it, in your shopping cart.

Enjoy the free stuff everyone, and please...let me know how it makes the journey in those envelopes.
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I own and operate www.pharmacy-dropout.com We have the United States leading supply of bulk and retail Thunder God Vine. We also have Kratom, and other exotic botanicals. All of our Products are sold with no intent on use, and are not sold for consumption.
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