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Kratom and what works for me

Kratom: What to Take & How to Take It

I cannot offer medical advice, but I can tell you that from my experience what has worked for me. I found that the perfect amount of Kratom per dose is approximately 3 -4g. Statistically, the average dose taken by Kratom users is 3 -4g, but everyone is different. Some people respond great to green and white vein Kratom while others respond better to reds. With that said, others respond wonderfully to all strains and colors.

What I did to find my perfect amount or sweet spot, was starting on the lower side of the average which was around 3g and then increased or decreased the amount by ½ g per dose (every 3 – 4 hours) until I found it. I found that an indicator of taking too much Kratom was sedation. For example, when I’d taken a dose that was a bit higher than what I was used to, I got a bit sleepy and my eyes were tired. It felt like I needed to take a nap. When I took the proper amount for my system, I experienced a nice fluid energy feeling and positive mood which lasted between 2 - 4 hours.

I tend to respond very well to green and white vein Kratom. When I take red vein, I have to take less or I feel like it’s a bit too energizing. I have friends that respond directly opposite of that, with a great response to red vein Kratom. Everyone is different.

The taste of Kratom tends to be very bitter, so I prefer taking capsules instead of the powder. Each capsule contains approximately ½ g of Kratom powder. For me, it’s easier to make simple adjustments to my dose when taking capsules because I can add or take away one capsule on my next dose to find the proper amount for my system.

Because Kratom can be harsh on my stomach, I make sure to eat a little something before taking it. Many times I have a small protein shake, like a Muscle Milk drink or similar and it seems to work well. I’ve noticed that when taking Kratom without enough food in my stomach that it can sometimes cause a little nausea, but not everyone reacts this way. What I’ve found is that if you’re predisposed to a sensitive stomach in relation to taking medications, you’ll probably have a similar reaction. For example, I had a co-worker that was very sensitive to pain medications. When taking them, it would make him extremely nauseated, so when he took Kratom he had the exact same reaction. This is not very common, but for those with sensitive stomachs, eating some food before taking Kratom is important.

There have been no reported overdoses regarding Kratom. I have read about 2 or 3 incidents where a person had experienced an overdose which included multiple hard narcotics, alcohol and Kratom. I think it’s fairly safe to say that, based on the fact that the hard narcotics and alcohol may be the culprit here, Kratom was not the cause. In cases where high amounts of Kratom have been ingested, the body simply expelled the Kratom, i.e. threw it up.

I’ve found that Kratom works best by rotating the strain that I take each week to avoid my body building a tolerance to any one kind.

When I was first introduced to Kratom, we would take a decent sized table spoon and mix it into a small cup of coffee and drink it fast. We dubbed the term “Scoops” for taking Kratom and mixing it with coffee or orange juice. The citrus in orange juice or similar helps to activate the active alkaloids in Kratom which, in my opinion, seemed to improve the effects. Some people in the office hated the taste and preferred capsules and others would mix it apple sauce or yogurt to help with the taste, but it came down to personal preference. Either way, everyone that took Kratom in the office had the same goal; energy, focus and for those sitting in a chair for 12 hours, pain relief.

In closing and as a reminder, I am not a medical professional and this is my personal experience and preferences listed within this article. I recommend doing your own research. I also hope that you have as positive experience with Kratom as I have. Kratom has changed my life in a very positive way by allowing me to overcome the effects of ailments that are debilitating. Moderation is key with anything and Kratom should be used responsibly.

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