• Truth in Labeling Program

    The American Kratom Association (AKA) has announced a new initiative called the “Truth in Labeling” Program. The AKA is a pro-kratom consumer rights organization that has long fought to keep kratom on the legal side of the law. The program is asking the consumers of this industry to report vendors marketing “impermissible health claims”. The reports can be made by using an online form on the AKA website. If the AKA agrees and deems these vendors are not Read More
  • What is Kratom?

    What is kratom? It depends on whom you ask. If you ask those who have used kratom for 10 years, you will generally hear it is a mild plant remedy for easing their their physical and/or emotional discomforts and that it supports a positive mood, or perhaps relieves a variety of conditions better, in their opinion, than prescription or OTC remedies that they had used for years, previous to discovering kratom. Others will say enthusiastically, “Kratom saved my Read More
  • Chloroquine & the facts behind the Covid-19 claims

    The coronavirus is plaguing mankind at the moment, and governments are trying to hold the casualties at bay. On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. That makes it the first virus to be labeled as such since 2009—when H1N1 (the swine flu) wreaked havoc on our planet. Back in 2010, the WHO’s statistics had the confirmed cases of deaths from the swine flue at 18,449, but later reports claim the toll was Read More
  • Is Kratom Addicting?

    A huge controversy that has arisen with Kratom, is whether or not it's addicting. Something to keep in mind is that virtually anything can be addicting. It all depends on you as a person and how you choose to treat any substances or product. People who watch movies can be considered addicts if they watch them on a consistent basis or schedule. So what the true problem is how we avoid addiction. There are certain substances that interfere Read More
  • Kratom Approved in Missouri

    Missouri House Approves Kratom Consumer Protection Act (HB 2061) House members have approved legislation to regulate the sale of an herbal supplement known as kratom. The bill would establish the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to create a simple regulatory framework for the consumption and sale of the supplement. Kratom is an herbal extract that comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia. Those who use the substance say it offers relief from pain, depression, Read More
  • Kratom for Anxiety and Depression

    During my rotation in the Psychiatry ward, I came across a patient who was on prescription medication for depression for the past five years. I asked him if he was compliant, to which he answered he was. Next, I asked him the reason why he wasn’t getting off medications. He told me he wasn’t observing any improvement. I checked his previous medicine files and surprisingly I saw that he was being given stronger anti-depressants every 6 to 9 Read More
  • What is Stagnant Strain Syndrome?

    What is Kratom Tolerance, Will it happen to me? This question is asked to Kratom Vendors once a customer realizes that their doses have been growing in size. They are not getting the same effects from the kratom as they were when they first started taking Kratom. Over time your body will become less sensitive to the alkaloids in the Kratom plant. This usually leads to bigger doses, less time between doses and ultimately you’re spending more money. Read More
  • How Mitragyna Speciosa Potentiates

    Make the most of your Kratom! What many newbies don’t know about Kratom is there are tons of ways to get the most out of it and for whatever effect they need. Kratom potentiators increase Kratom's effect and in different areas. Potentiates allow users to take Kratom in smaller dosages while still maintaining the same potency and overall effect. There are multiple potentiates out there and many of them work differently for each user. The best and most Read More
  • Does Kratom have medicinal value?

    If you’ve happened to keep up with the media’s reports on Kratom over the last year, you may have noticed one similar, recurring statement in all of them that sounds something like “Kratom has not been found to carry any medicinal value.” How could this possibly be? These news and government organizations are trying to tell me that despite the use of this plant for 100’s of years and the countless success stories that can be found on Read More
  • Over the counter and Pharmaceutical

    Kratom has been dominating the news lately. The argument is whether or not to keep it a legal food supplement or move it into a scheduled category of narcotics. We don’t seem to be hearing anything in regards to a compromise. A compromise which satisfies all parties concerned. What we’re seeing now is knee jerk reaction which is not uncommon to food supplements. Many may be unaware of how many household items have gone through this. For example, Read More
  • Kratom & Type 1 Diabetes

    For those unfamiliar with Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus Type 1), this article will give you some medical and physiological background to help you understand the disease as well as the benefits that Kratom offers to those afflicted. To begin, there are many factors that affect blood sugar levels for Type 1 Diabetics. In Type 1, little to no insulin is produced by the pancreas while Type 2 Diabetics there is still some pancreatic function and still produces Read More
  • How Can You Support the Kratom Industry

    How can you support the Kratom Industry? We have been asked the same question over and over for years… “How can I support the Kratom Industry?” The truth is that many people are discreet about their kratom use, they don't want to advocate on social media or publicly at all. It may be a personal reason, it may be a professional reason or maybe you just don't want to explain yourself anymore. When someone first learns about kratom Read More
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  • 6 Kratom Approved in Missouri
  • 7 Kratom for Anxiety and Depression
  • 8 What is Stagnant Strain Syndrome?
  • 9 How Mitragyna Speciosa Potentiates
  • 10 Does Kratom have medicinal value?
  • 11 Over the counter and Pharmaceutical
  • 12 Kratom & Type 1 Diabetes
  • 13 How Can You Support the Kratom Industry
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