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The ILK Forum is an open community bringing customers and vendors together, providing information about the industry, vendor reviews, weekly specials and a repository of resources at your disposal.

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Not only, does our forum provide great questions and answers, it helps to provide customers new and old access to up to date information, vendor reviews, news articles and community in which communication is encouraged for everyone's benefit.

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We began in .2012 as a free resource and community for consumers and vendors to participate in the exchange of beneficial information about the industry, products and services, thus increasing consumer satisfaction and protection.

Checks and Balances: This forum allows consumers, much like the Better Business Bureau offers, a chance to review and discuss products and services offered by their favorite companies while helping vendors the opportunity to improve the quality of these products and services for consumers. Additionally, this resource has allowed reputable vendors the opportunity to present new products, services and specials to their existing customer base while earning new customers, improving the shopping experience for customers online, building upon their online reputations and continuing to improve and offer value to the end user.

In 2016, we began to offer advertising services to our vendors to help offset costs related to maintaining and updating the forum. Now, in 2020, we are continuing to add value for both customers and vendors, through the same principals applied upon starting the site. An unbiased, fair and free community that offers value to both the vendors and customers. We will continue to add value for both, by incorporating new information, articles and resources, free to consumers and welcome your help and feedback at all times.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a free and open community of resources to consumers and vendors, while continuing to improve upon and expand these resources for the end user.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

By keeping an unbiased and fair position, we are able to provide a free online resource to visitors and members seeking accurate information, and answers.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Remaining fair and balanced in a very competitive and growing industry while providing value to both the consumer and service provider.

We Strive to Create a Difference

We provide a synergy between customers and vendors through free online tools. Create your account and start contributing to our growing community.

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