09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Appalachian Herbs - US VENDOR - 5% off all month

Appalachian Herbs - US VENDOR - 5% off all month 3 months 1 week ago #48636

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Hey everyone, I am new to the forum, but not new to the business.


**Appalachian Herbs**
I got into the business to bring good leaf in for good prices. From there it has grown into a real small business.

We strive hard for quality, balancing that with having a large variety of strains to please even the strangest preferences. We for instance carry strains like lightly fermented whites and greens, bents, super fermented yellows, and much much much.

Right now we have 3 supplier designated by which "Lot" they are. Lot A is my first supplier and one of favorites. All of their kratom is "bone" or vein in kratom. Some people prefer vein in kratom for it's slightly different texture and finish.

Lot X and Y are both fine ground kratom. Everything is what you would call small batch. Many vendors carry only a few strains and claim to have small batch. But if you only have a few strains then don't you actually need larger batches of those strains to meet demand? This means that particular farm gets overharvested and quality goes down over time. Often vendors will get around this by having a rotating roster, which then can leave a farmer suddenly without a flow of income and leaves the consumer with a series of new strains that are always better than the last shipment that came before. We get around this by having a large variety of strains that we stock at a regular rate from different places. Meaning that each farm is (hopefully) more sustainably harvested and has a more regular and reliable income. So far I believe it has worked in our favor for having consistent product.

Our leaf is a mixture of plantation and wild trees of various ages. Some is all wild, some is all plantation, some is blended. I won't lie to you and tell you that I know exactly how old the trees are. It's not like there is anyone on the ground in indonesia counting trees ages from birth. Be we do have a focus on selecting mature leaf for our strains when possible, or when it will make the best finish for our particular goals. We do this through our relationship with our suppliers. Having a good line of communication and trust on the ground in indo is imperative for a kratom vendor. For instance we recently commisioned that lightly fermented white and it will soon be listed as our Fermented White(Lot Y.) Of course we don't take their word on everything, we for instance verify many things using accredited labs in the united states; read below.

**Dried Mitragyna Speciosa leaf with no added ingredients.
Regularly tested for heavy metal and biological contaminations such as lead, mercury, salmonella, e. coli, yeast, mold, and more.
Botanical Specimen: Sold with no claims or instructions for use as a botanical research specimen.
This product has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.
Keep out of reach of children.
MUST BE 21 TO BUY - Shipping not available to any banned regions or countries**

appalachianherbs.net/ (Speciosa in the searchbar for kratom)



Super Red Bali(Lot A)
Red Borneo (Lot A)
Red Elephant (Lot A)
Big Green Red (Lot A)
Red Vietnam (Lot X)
Red MD (Lot X)
Red Kapuas Hulu (Lot X)
Red Thai (Lot X)

Green MD (Lot A)
Green Sumatera (Lot A)
Premium Green (Lot A)
Green Vietnam (Lot A)
Godzilla Green (Lot X)
Fermented Green (Lot X)
Super Green Malay (Lot X)
Super Green X (Lot X)
Green Elephant (Lot X)
Not Ur Gmas MD (Lot Y)

White Sumatera (Lot A)
White Horn (Lot A)
White MD (Lot A)
White Vietnam (Lot X)
White Elephant (Lot X)
White Borneo (Lot X)
Super Indo (Lot X)

**Brown`s, Bents, and Chocolates**
Chocolate Bentuangie (Lot X)
Super Fermented Yellow (Lot X)

**Yellows and Golds**
Yellow Vietnam (Lot A)
Super Red Gold (Lot A)
Premium Gold (Lot A)
El Dorado (Lot X)


**Powdered Speciosa Leaf**
125g's = 15.99$
250g's = 29.99$
500g's = 44.99$
1000g's = 84.99$

We also offer 4 way splits on 500g and kg orders.

<strong> appalachianherbs.net/search?q=speciosa </strong>
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