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cGMP Kratom Vendor - Laughing Lion Herbs OFFICIAL THREAD - Kratom Community Forum - Kratom Forum
09 Mar 2020
We want to welcome everyone to the New I Love Kratom Forum. We're constantly trying to improve the forum for our members. Please take the time to show our approved vendors some love. Check out our approved advertisers as well and feel free to post about your experience. If this is your first time to the site, make sure to register and do your first post in the "Introduce Yourself" section. Also, make sure do check out the "Approved Vendors" section of the forum to find great daily and weekly deals.

We would like to send out a special thanks to all of our advertisers and approved vendors. Be sure to check out their sites and try them out.

UPDATE: Gold Leaf Botanicals is doing a special 10% off and I had posted it incorrectly. That coupon should is now changed to ILKforum15%.

We would like to throw a big thanks out to all the vendors on this forum for being so awesome and a very very special thanks to our Moderators.

~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
Approved Vendors are Kratom Industry retailers that have undergone our review process, ensuring a certain level of security and best practices representing Kratom as a natural health alternative. In order to be approved, a vendor's website must: a) NOT promote Kratom in any way that could be construed as a "legal high", "recreational use" or similar; b) NOT contain medical claims of any kind; c) Contain a valid SSL certificate ensuring that information entered by a user is encrypted; d) Successfully pass a security scan yielding no threats; e) Provide easily accessible contact information that customers can use for prompt service and inquiries (preferably a phone number).
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TOPIC: cGMP Kratom Vendor - Laughing Lion Herbs OFFICIAL THREAD

cGMP Kratom Vendor - Laughing Lion Herbs OFFICIAL THREAD 2 months 4 weeks ago #48955

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Congrats on becoming cGMP Vendor. I like the way the new bags look with the info on the front. Lol..,i just posted this yesterday in another thread.

"But i lucked out and won free kratom for a yr from Laughing Lion. 1/2 kilo of my choice every month. Laughing Lion is top quality kratom and strong. Plus they're a cGMP vendor.
Which means they test their kratom for "for identification, heavy metals content Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury) and for microbial safety (Aerobic Plate Count , Yeast and Mold , Coliforms and E Coli , and Salmonella ."

Just received a 500 gram bag from Laughing Lion today and this is the 1st time ive seen the levels posted on the bag as mentioned by tbone69.
its the Ignite blend of red md and a white.
batch: B0245
Mitragynine: 1.15%
7-Hydroxymitragynine: 0.04%"

Thanks again for the kratom. So far tried a green blend, red borno, and ignite red md/white mix. All have been top quality. And i feel better knowing that you test for those things. Dont want to take kratom for health issues and worry about it having a bunch of heavy metals or something else.
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cGMP Kratom Vendor - Laughing Lion Herbs OFFICIAL THREAD 2 months 4 weeks ago #48952

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Congratulations LL!!!! :-P that’s fantastic news !!!!!!
thank you for putting in all the arduous work to ensure the product you offer is unadulterated and clean quality kratom =D> I’ve had the honor of trying 2 GMP vendors , and I can’t thank you all for going the extra mile, setting the standard for our wellbeing ...and for being part of the ILK family B-)

I appreciate the good work you folks are doing !
Thank you LL !
Life is better with kratom !
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cGMP Kratom Vendor - Laughing Lion Herbs OFFICIAL THREAD 2 months 4 weeks ago #48951

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Hello ILK Land! Well, it's official! After nearly 18 months of prepping, hard work, and dedication, we are proud to announce that we are 100% cGMP Compliant and Qualified and members of the elite group of American Kratom Association GMP Vendors (only 16 at the time of this message post)!

We have just about the cheapest prices from all 16 of the vendors and haven't raised our prices a penny after we were qualified even though some vendors charge up to 3x more than we do.

But that doesn't mean we are the cheapest out there. I constantly see people selling kratom for $30 for 250g and event $70-$80 a kilo. But let me tell you why you should spend a bit more and invest in kratom from one of the GMP vendors....

1. Legally. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is coming to 21 more states in 2020. It's been passed in 4 now and at least 2/3 of those 21 are expected to pass this session and the rest by next session (each state has different legislative session lengths and times) When the KCPA passes, it will become ILLEGAL to purchase and sell kratom in those states are ship into those states kratom that is not from a GMP vendor!

In a way, it may be a bad thing for people's prices, but hear me out here. When you buy a cheap kilo like that, you are essentially (in nearly every case I've ever heard of) getting a kilo that was either packaged in Indonesia and just repacked or literally forwarded to you in its original package by these vendors. You have NO IDEA what may be in that package, nor do they! To properly test a batch of kratom, one needs to first mix every gram of the same strains together to create a consistent product. Then, the tests which cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars per strain must be performed by certified and accredited labs who can't be bought off to provide false results. Then the kratom needs to be packaged in a clean facility where the chance of contamination (unintentional adulteration) is nearly impossible to occur. And this does NOT include people's homes and garages. A clean room must be separate from living spaces. This is a basic GMP requirement. The risks you take by consuming an untested product is profound. Don't forget that Salmonella , e coli, heavy metals, and much more has been found in Kratom (and many other natural products). it's been found to contain small amounts of methadone (just a few weeks ago a company was found doing that!), fillers, coloring agents, and other much more horrible things.

Please be sure of what is in your product before consuming it!

2. At Laughing Lion and the other GMP vendors, we are required to keep meticulous records. Any complaints are filed away and monitored so that should there ever be a pattern emerging, we can go back and look at that exact batch... open a bag of product saved from that batch, and retest if needed. That insures accountability and proper handling of the product at all times. Our reputation is at stake here!

3. You support the future of Kratom legality in this country! If we want kratom to remain legal for our lives, the only path forward is through regulation. We MUST stand strong together and speak with a loud voice as we did in 2016 that we will not put our money into cheap product that could be dirty or unsafe and is literally considered "adulterated" because it isn't tested or produced in a safe clean room. We must band together and show the powers that be that our industry is different than so many before us. We will do whats right by helping to promote the good faith that is generating in Kratom and not allow the potential for more news stories about people being hurt by kratom (that is in fact just adulterated or contaminated).

You may think to yourself "well of course he's going to promote this because he makes money doing it". Well and yes, of course we make money when we sell kratom. But I started Laughing Lion not as a way to make a bunch of money... I started it because kratom changed my life and I wanted to make it safe, affordable, and help others change their lives. We have continually had one of the strongest loyalty followings of any kratom vendor and our consistency is remarkable! We will always support the legality of Kratom and do everything in our power to keep it legal into the foreseeable future.

So our 250g bag is $49 and our single strain kilos are $134.95... but you get a bag with a label that tells you a batch code that you can use to review the actual lab results for THAT BAG on our website or even contact our labs for certified copies yourself! No hiding here! We provide the offer to anyone who wants to setup a video call to tour our clean room, obtain a copy of our GMP qualification audit paperwork, or even an in person tour if you are in the Colorado Springs area! We believe in full transparency and integrity in all we do. So while we aren't at cheap as the value vendors, you can be assured that you will know exactly what you are consuming! Mitragynine %, 7-hydroxymitragynine %, heavy metals, mold, yeast, coliforms, bacterial tests, everything.

Don't have to look any further to find the best deals in cGMP Qualified Kratom!
Visit us today on our website at
Or call us at 888-895-7286... open 7 days a week, same day shipping, and FREE FedEx 2 day Guaranteed Shipping on orders over $100!

And if you know anyone who wants to resell kratom especially those affected by the KCPA, we are the ONLY GMP company that we know of that will Contract Manufacture (White Label) kratom with your brand on it so you can still remain in business and still make plenty of profit without violating the new lawa! We in-house print labels and can provide extremely small minimum orders to get you started and with over 50 strains and blends, the options are nearly endless! We can even use YOUR kratom if you want! Contact us for details! (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
As your American Kratom Association cGMP Qualified Vendor, Laughing Lion is the country's premier, supplier for Kratom, CBD, and other ethnobotanicals.
Consumer site:
Wholesale Site:
1-888-89-Kratom - M-Sat 9am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm Mountain Time...
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