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22 Jun 2020
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I may have posted this in the wrong forum topic so I'm repeating it here which is where I believe I should have posted. Sorry for the confusion.

Discovered the name ‘Kratom’ by accident after searching for information on ‘withdrawing from Oxycodone’.
I have now read just about everything I can over the past two days on the subject but still remain a little confused about Kratom usage. I have not yet purchased any - remaining confused even with the names and dosage offered by many different vendors. I just don’t know which strain or which vendor to go with for a satisfactory conclusion to my problem.

Many vendors offer ‘sample’ packets of 5 or 6 different strains but I need to get it right from the get go with the correct strain needed without much experimentation. I don’t want to purchase an abundance of one particular Kratom if it doesn’t work for me.
On the other hand before giving up on the pills, should I try a sample pack up front, thereby delaying my eventual withdrawal date until I find the ‘correct one’?

I have been taking Oxycodone for about 4 years with the original prescription calling for 60mg daily. Of course, over the years I have managed to take double that amount, relying on street vendors to supplement my prescription. Over time, as that source dried up, I had to supplement with other alternative ‘snortable’ opiates. It’s not necessary to go into detail, is it?
Let me add that the original reason for taking painkillers has more than likely vanished leaving me with an addiction and no reason to take anything for pain.

Prior to using alternative products, I would cold turkey for a few days until my prescription came through. Many sites mention that after 4 or 5 days of non-usage you should be over the hump of withdrawal. That was NEVER the case with me. As each day passed my symptoms got worse instead of better!

I am now an ‘older’ person who cannot even envisage the pain of withdrawal that I have experienced in the past. My body just cannot take it anymore. Now that I’ve read about Kratom I’m hoping for that ‘Magic Bullet’ that will cure my addiction.

After reading all the ‘positive’ results for this product, I then read that it is merely a supplement and not the ‘easy path’ I was hoping for. Nonetheless, it is now the only option open to me.

Despite reading all that I can, I’m still a little confused as to specific dosage and particular strain that I should take. Keep in mind that my daily dosage of prescription pills is in the region of 120mg plus per day. Often going as far as 240mg daily.
Can someone be specific on this matter by spelling it out as if to a 7 year old?
As with many addicts my sole reason for increasing my dosage is merely to experience some kind of ‘high’ or better feeling as I progress through life.

My ‘take’ on it regards strain is that I should start with a ‘Red’ with a ‘Green’ on the side and increasing the ‘Red’ dosage for a good night’s sleep.
Names that have popped up have been ‘Red Veined Borneo’ and ‘Maeng Da’.
Can anyone with specific knowledge in this area, or who has been in a similar position to mine, care to chime in?
I would be willing to communicate offline via private messaging if privacy is a concern to you (as it is to me).
If you require more specific information about my particular position or wish to ‘partner’ with me going forward into the unknown area of withdrawal, please let me know.

I just cannot take the pain associated with WD!

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