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22 Jun 2020
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Tea Time 7 months 1 week ago #49136

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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What Laurie posted is a great and straight forward way to do it , in most cases simple is always best imo...
The times I’ve made tea is very similar to Laurie’s post , only I use GFJ most of the time ..just cause that what I have on hand ... comes down to the acidic PH that helps draw out the yummy alkaloids.... Apple cider vinegar could even be used if no lemons are in the house or on the tree lol,

Some folks swear by tea , and that’s what works best for their personal needs , others either T&W ( which I do like 20% of the time ) or mixed with a liquid ... like juice or water . Just like starting out with kratom and taking by one method or the other ... make enough tea to have more a hr or so after dosing ... I’m not a master or super experienced tea brewer ... but the last time I made it ... drank a little to much a little to fast ... patience is a good thing ... drink tea and wait .... not getting desired effects? Drink a “little “ more a hr or so later ....
My experience with tea is it tends to be more stimulating upfront and for my chemistry doesn’t last as long as other methods .... but there’s so many folks that love it so it comes down to personal taste and chemistry... imo :) I like to add some herbal tea to my kratom brew , some honey or maple syrup ... I don’t mind the taste of straight up kratom brew , but doctored up a wee bit , and you have a fine tasting batch of “yum yum get some “ lol!

Hot or cold , your preference is all that matters there ...

Recap... soak the amount of your powder in citric juice / liquid of some sort .. lemon , lime, GFJ... apple cider vinegar ( which one sounds best .. try them all and see what’s better B-) ) steep your acidic saturated kratom for at least 15-20 min...strain... doctor it up or don’t .... take notes !!!!

Pleasure meeting you as well DogSol, and thank you for being part of the ILK family !
Life is better with kratom !
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Tea Time 7 months 1 week ago #49135

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Hey Laurie nice to see you again around here :)

Dogsol, the difference between T&W and tea isn't necessarily huge, so sometimes you might get it right but if expecting double the effect you would think something is wrong.

I was drinking tea without the powder until i read Laurie's answer to a post here saying she drinks the sludge at the bottom along with tea because otherwise feeling like missing out on some alkaloids. I tried it and it works better for me so i always do that now. I dont even bother making tea anymore. I trew up the powder first couple times and was feeling the powder was the culprit, but i think now it just because it was new to my stomach. If im hurting bad and waiting for my next dose what I'll do is warm up water with lemon juice in a pot, almost to a boil then turn off the heat, throw kratom in and let it cool down before drinking all of it. I feel its a little stronger, faster acting especially if my stomach isnt empty the steeping helps. I tried mixing my dose with citrus juice in advance, letting sit at room temperature for a few hours and it sort of helps as well.

Now the coffee maker, are you running the tea back into the upper compartment again or are you just putting more fresh water to drip on the same kratom? Because the element that warms up the water might be getting too hot and destroying some alkaloids. This is the same reason why you don't wanna simmer powder in a pot because the powder sits at the bottom and gets too hot. People who boils their tea are using whole leaves which floats on top and prevents that from happening. You could use a double boiler with crushed leaves even powder but i feel it unnecessary to go a great extent to simmer for long because stomach acid is very efficient in extracting mitra. We had a conversation with Nan about that where it was discussed how the absorption is happening. It doesn't sit for very long in the stomach and it is absorbed in the small intestine. Acid is necessary for extraction but it also damages the alkaloids so no point into simmer kratom in pure lemon juice. The powder is very fine and gets through quickly. There is also the freeze method that can help break the cell walls therefore helping to release the good stuff. I feel there is a 25% difference between T&W and carefully made tea or repeated freezes. So most time im just lazy and will use 5 grams instead of 4. People stomach may vary.. placebo is also real.

Let us know how it goes :)
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Tea Time 7 months 1 week ago #49134

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Hi DogSol. I am no good at math or recipes. Found this nice, uncomplicated recipe on another forum.

Even I may be successful with this effort:

“ For myself all I have is powdered kratom. I make my tea out of that when I need to. What I do is I take about a teaspoon 2 to teaspoons and first of all I mix it up with some lime juice I always warm the lime juice a little bit first. Then mix in the kratom and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes. Then I go ahead and Add boiling water to it and let it steep again for another 15 to 20 minutes. It still seems that the potency is still there for me sometimes I believe it's a little stronger than just the toss and gulp like I normally do.”
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Tea Time 7 months 1 week ago #49126

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I have been trying to brew tea lately. Its very promising but i cant help but think that I'm not doing it right. I bought a cheap coffee machine to get started.
What i imagine are the issues:
how much is a good amount to use? if you read my other thread then you understand that i error on the side of excess.
could my cheap ass coffee machine be running to hot? cant do it on the stove top. any suggestions?
I run it through 2 or 3 times, maybe 3 exposes it to to much heat? maybe it needs to go again?
do i drink it hot? or do i let it cool off?
does it break down if i leave it sit for to long?
i like sugar and milk in tea. Ive heard that milk neutralizes it. true?
perhaps the brewing process just doesn't get ALL of the alkaloids. true? then what?
how important is lemon juice?
if i cant get it to do what i want then i just keep drinking it. unwise. need advice.
can you guys help me? tell me anything you know about it.
its been great to meet all of you!
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