09 Mar 2020
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You guessed it! This section is for general discussion that may or may not have anything to do with Kratom.
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TOPIC: BIG grain of salt, but Laura Ingraham had a guest on talking about chloroquine

BIG grain of salt, but Laura Ingraham had a guest on talking about chloroquine 2 weeks 2 days ago #49223

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Long story short, I'm really wondering now how much of it is in Kratom.

He was talking about chloroquine being both preventive, and something of a remedy for those infected. Last thing I'd want to see is people blowing their tolerance levels out for no good reason, but since she has a highly rated cable TV news show, and this is coronavirus we're talking about, I suppose there will be even more buzz now about the possibility of Kratom possibly offering some measure of benefit in regards this coronavirus. The guest said that they just concluded an early run of double blind testing, and the results were impressive (paraphrasing). He was kind of wired sounding, and he wasn't in the studio, so he sounded a little bit weird, but he and the people doing the testing have the right credentials. It's a major show on Fox News, so I doubt they'd let a dangerous quack on, given the liability issue that would bring up.

I currently take a few grams a day of Kratom, plus some Stem and Vein, Hirsuta, Javanica, and Cat's Claw, and I've decided to NOT bump up either the size or number of my Kratom servings.

If I start hacking away and I test positive, all bets are off, lol, but until then I plan on staying the course.

Very grateful for this herb right now though, and I guess in a few months we'll have a better sense of whether or not Kratom provided any benefit in alleviating the effect of getting this version of the coronavirus.

Even under a best case scenario it wouldn't act like a vaccine, it would at most limit how badly the virus could establish itself in a body, and thus allow the body to recover from it more quickly. So we Kratom users still have to play by the rules as do even those with access to the chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine, which the guest on the show said had fewer risks of side effects, IIRC.

Needless to say, the tablets of chloroquine that have been used in the past are likely to have enormously more of the active ingredient than does our tea. It would be ironic if the "weakest" tea had the most chloroquine.

And also needless to say, the best bet is to not get infected in the first place. Even if it miraculously didn't bother you much, you'd still be a carrier, and thus ethically bound to self quarantine.

Speaking of binge watching TV, lol, Amazon Prime has a fun show from 2007 called The Dresden Files. 1080p high definition, and it's as good as I remembered. Between 30 Rock, and the latest season of Bosch, I'm all set.

Stay safe!!!

I waited until the video became available before posting this. I set it to start, hopefully, at the right time so that you'll get the whole segment regarding this.

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