07 Feb 2019
Hey everybody,

Over the last 7 years this forum has grown exponentially. With your help, We have created a community of Kratom enthusiasts to come together and discuss the industry. The traffic that this site has received has been exciting but also overwhelming. All the while the site grew a little out of date. Over the last few weeks we have updated the platform of the Forum as well as the face of the forum. CHECK OUT THAT NEW LOGO!!! sweet right?!

We could use your help though...
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TOPIC: Google and negative Mayo Clinic reviews on Kratom

Google and negative Mayo Clinic reviews on Kratom 5 months 1 day ago #39908

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we all understand your frustration. when I first started taking the leaf I was learning by google searches and for sale company websites. until I found this forum. my husband stumbled across it as a way to get off suboxone ( which he did ) and im intolerant to most traditional pain pills. and I was banned from taking nsaids for a while. so I was 'stuck' as well. needed something to help soothe the pain and keep working.

I recommend you sign up for emails from kratom eye ( approved vendor ) they have matching fundraisers often and keep connected with AKA as well. the only social platform im on is linkedin, but I 'share' often enough on AKA and kratom support. more people need to keep just an open mind on natural supplements. that's what I call my caps. if anyone asks further I tell them about akuamma, chuchu, and incavella and occasionally ask if they want to try. some even know about k. but I don't offer up. tell them to look into it themselves and ask further if they want to know more. but im just a nutzo chef that can pass a strict background and drug test lol..
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Google and negative Mayo Clinic reviews on Kratom 5 months 21 hours ago #39930

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richmilton wrote: Mayo Clinic and Big Pharma go hand-in-hand. Mayo will never recommend a product/drug/herb or source, whether natural or not, if it's not "approved" by their daddy - FDA aka Big Pharma

Your comment about the Mayo Clinic is very contrary to what the Mayo clinic believes in and practices. And please don't misunderstand me. The Mayo clinic was founded on compassion and doing EVERYTHING possible to find cures and procedures to save people. If you have read a book on the founding of the Mayo clinic you would find that the Mayo clinic is at the forefront of cutting edge pharmaceutical and medical discoveries. And their main belief was that treating people with compassion and faith was just as important as the medicine!!! Anyone can go to the Mayo clinic and seek and receive treatment regardless of financial ability etc... This article sounds like the Mainstream Press jumped on a comment that was made offhand by a doctor at Mayo who had no idea of the intent of the interviewer. For all the reader of the article knows the doctor could have been being interviewed on the true efficacy of "Simpson Oil" for the treatment of cancer and his statement totally manipulated. I'll bet you that this doctor, more than likely, was initially being interviewed about a different subject and Kratom was slipped into the equation as an aside! In other words: The $leazy ba$stard reporter set the doctor up FOR the response that was wanted. It would be interesting if there was a follow up interview with this doctor to ascertain what the original interview was about!

And we can sit our collective butts in the sand and howl at the duplicity of Google until we are blue in the face..... But don't forget that all internet based search engines, Google, Bing and private companies, have to agree to allow the government to back door ALL of their internet traffic. Even with the best intentions Google would have no choice. They are going to do exactly what the government tells them to do regardless of the truth. The government live's by the axiom: "Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of Your Story"!!!!

Be blessed.

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