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22 Jun 2020
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Trying to overcome “conviction” about the less is more theory 1 year 8 months ago #35395

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Hey skisouth,

If you will benefit from upping your dose, I say do it, no judgement or negative about using something that helps tremendously. My reason for trying to keep it low is strictly because I want to use less to feel more strength of the Kratom, even with my hefty tolerance I 99% of the time get relief in the ways I need, 3 tsp 3-5 x a day. I use as needed, and need differ from different folks.

Since Kratom is such a benign plant, the real worry is just getting sick from taking to much, probably tolerance in a close second ...

I say get the relief you need while keeping it to the lowest dose that gets you there

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Trying to overcome “conviction” about the less is more theory 1 year 8 months ago #35394

  • Jazzfan1
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I don't know where the idea that a certain amount of Kratom per day is good or bad. This isn't a by the milligram standard medication.
Kratom is a wonderful natural leaf. Please try not to lay limits, requirements,expectations, rules, ect... on Kratom.

Every leaf from every Kratom plant is different and contains it's own unique alkaloid profile. So, every batch of dried Kratom is also unique with it's own combination of Alkaloids. Therfore, every time you take Kratom regardless of vendor or strain title it is unique and never exactly the same.

People track their Kratom dose by weighing it for many reasons. Saftey, record thier dose for QA/QC comparison information, track effective Kratom doses, keep a Kratom journal, and much more.

I might be in the minority but, I try to not beat myself up on how much Kratom I am taking. It has helped me a lot in Pain control and mood boost for overcoming depression and anxiety. I also take SSRI medication and prescription pain medication as needed.

Kratom is personal to each individual and his or her needs. Try not to define Kratom or dose used in the good or bad category. If it helps you then use the amount that you personally get results from.

Thanks ILK .. This Forum has helped me a lot...
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Trying to overcome “conviction” about the less is more theory 1 year 8 months ago #35393

  • Nan70
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35 grams a day is 4 doses 8.75 grams. When looked at that way its not the highest doses I have read about.
Managing pain with kratom there are no rules its what brings relief. I am not against taking prescription pain medicine for pain managing either I feel we should seek what works for quality of life.

Tapering and lowering doses are tools to save money and the prevent tolerance issues and can be practiced in the kratom journey but not while your pain levels are increasing.

You can always seek other pain relieving herbs in between kratom doses to help lower dosing schedule. I do this but not when I am in a lot of pain.

Sciatic pain is tough to manage and if kratom is helping you are very lucky. Take your needed dose and feel better.

Thought this was interesting, I use three herbs on this list.To have anything that helps when it comes to nerve type pain is a blessing. This report shows RX failures.
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Trying to overcome “conviction” about the less is more theory 1 year 8 months ago #35391

  • Skisouthtahoe
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3 year daily user, tapered from of 30-35 grams per day, now one month at 20 gpd and I can’t get past forcing myself to stay here, despite the pain. Over a month ago I thought yikes I’m doing too much, I should cut down. So I did, I am. But I’m in pain today and need to be reminded that what I need is okay, it’s okay to be dependent on this. I mean is that right? I need a Lexapro like I need water, same with Gabapentin. I’ve been reading all of these “less is more” successes thinking what is wrong with me that I can’t get my body used to 20 grams, and so many other people do well with far less. With this taper, 4 weeks now, I should be past RLS withdrawal symptoms by now but I’m not - I’m white knuckling between doses. And the sciatic pain is bad. I’m ready to say screw it, do what I need, I only have one life on this planet.
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