09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: PDO = Best vendor I’ve used to date.

PDO = Best vendor I’ve used to date. 1 month 2 weeks ago #49795

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Hyperion “Jeffrey “ is good people , and has a special place in the community of quality driven botanicals.

I just received a order of his white Bali , I think I read your description of it here ... had to try it lol

PDO is a solid company and have been around for a handful of years . That they are still at it and continue to bring top shelf botanicals to us ... speakers volumes imo.

I love the 90% kavalactone kava extract. It’s super strong and fast acting like you mentioned . Recently got my second order of it , great to have in the herbal chest !
I mix it with magnolia bark extract . It’s a warm blanket of anti anxiety effects . I only use this blend when my skin is crawling from stress/ tension ...it’s amazing how effective it is at bringing me to a better place , my nerves are super appreciative ! Akuamma is another herb I add to this mix on occasion .

Please let us know how the 30% kava extract treats you , haven’t had the honor to try that one .. def curious

Aside from white Bali from my recent order, I also put in for Akuamma , and some diff kratom types to test the waters of PDO’s special products . I’ll be posting a review at some point !

It’s great to have you mitchymadness,
Thx for sharing your PDO adventures with us , we are spoiled to have PDO and all the others amazing vendors to select from .. absolutely spoiled !!

Big gratitude for all the amazing vendors doing what they do for us =D> (L)

Please keep doing what you do !!..!!..!!..
Life is better with kratom !

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PDO = Best vendor I’ve used to date. 1 month 2 weeks ago #49786

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Hello ILK family, on my last post I got a warm welcome from brandon so I’d like to thank you kindly for the words <3 after my last order from PDO I enjoyed Jeffrey's product so much I made another order on Monday. I appreciate how I was able to re-order another 50g samples pack as the price is excellent for A+ quality Kratom. I decided to add on 100 grams of 30% Kava extract to try out. I haven’t gotten to it yet for the reason being Jeffrey kindly added a 25gram sample of his 90% kava extract to my package, I’m at a loss for words to be honest here. 2nd order and the kindness I’ve received so far from PDO has surpassed all my expectations the best company hands down for Kratom/Botanicals, I’ve been through multiple top rated Kratom vendors over the past few years and PDO is my #1. Excellent product and Jeffrey is just a great guy! This 90% kava extract hits hard, very strong stuff, numbs the mouth quite quickly with effects coming on within 5 minutes in my experience today. I will be a long time customer of PDO botanicals and if anyone out there views this post and is looking for a reliable premium Kratom/botanicals vendor I’d highly recommend you give PDO botanicals a try. 10-10

Ps Jeffrey added in isopropyl in my package, If you see this much appreciated brother.

Stay safe out there everyone
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