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22 Jun 2020
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Rotating Strains 5 months 3 weeks ago #50424

  • CrayDumb
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i think an unmentioned reason here that i've personally realized is that i actually start to get ill effects if i use the same kratom for too long. I actually develop a stutter problem and
become annoyingly talkative but can't communicate. This is not how i normally am. I do not know if i can attribute this to my high tolerance or
not rotating strains enough, but i'd like to think both.
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Rotating Strains 2 years 5 months ago #27254

  • PhillyCheeze
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Hey Madmax - I always classify my Maeng Da strains as Thai but maybe that's "wrong."

If i can classify them as their own, that would be good. Hard to rotate the Red Thai(s) and MD(s) as one group.
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Rotating Strains 2 years 6 months ago #27189

  • bomalley
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Strain rotation is recomended by users but do we have ANY evidence that is helps to reduce the build up of tolerance?

I am still having difficulty understanding the scientific rationale for this. Tolerance to opioids will build regardless of WHICH opiods you are taking. If I rotate morphine, heroin, oxycodone, codeine, and dilaudid I will still develop tolerance to opioids, so I am unsure of why strain rotation will lessen tolerance.

Also do we know WHICH alkaloids in Kratom cause the withdrawal symptoms....mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine? or something else?

Anybody have any answers for these questions?

BTW Madmax....welcome back! We all missed you.

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Rotating Strains 2 years 6 months ago #27188

  • irishdream
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Thanks for this so much. I'm a newbie as well. I'm a little concerned about withdrawals if I were to start taking this everyday. So far I've taken it 5 days in a row. Does the withdrawals only come if your taking one strain? Or does the rotation also help with that. Thanks so much!
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Rotating Strains 2 years 9 months ago #24547

  • madmaxnightrider
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A common mistake that a lot of newbies do when they get into Kratom is that they buy only one strain and reuse it over and over. At first it works quite well, but eventually they’ll notice that the effects gets weaker.

Rotating strains of Kratom is important for one very important reason only, and it is to keep your tolerance low. It’s also good so you can try out other Kratom strains as well.

If you take the same strain day in and day out, your body will get use to that specific strain and the effects won’t be as strong as it use to be.

Imagine working out and doing the same exercises everyday. It’s hard at the start, but your body will eventually find a more efficient way to perform them. If you don’t do that movement everyday, then your body won’t be so use to it. Your tolerance to Kratom is like working out. With constant exposure to the same thing, the body will find a better way to handle it or get use to it.

When I first started Kratom, rotating the kratom strains was one thing that I did right. Most of the times, I would have good aromas from taking Kratom unless I overdosed.

Although I did rotate strains correctly, I was also curious and broked the rules just to see what would happen. I would experiment and try one kratom strain and continued taking it the following days, and what I notice was the Strain’s effect worked well for 2 days. At the third day, the same Kratom strain wasn’t as potent as when I had rotated the strains properly.

For some crazy reason, as my tolerance for the specific strain increased, so did my tolerance for the rest of the other Kratom strains. As a result I had to go cold turkey for about a week.

It sucked, but good thing you found this guide before you start burning one specific strain and complain about Kratom not working for you anymore.

To rotate strain you should consume a different type of kratom strain everyday. Preferably 5-7 strains should be in your rotation.

If you want to take the same strain again then you should give it roughly around 3 days to take that same strain again. The more times you take the same strain without proper rotation, the more your tolerance builds up, thus makes that specific strain much much more difficult to take effect.

One thing you can do is take the same strain on the same day, but do know that you will have to take a slightly larger dose than you did earlier. I say take it again after 3-4 hours from the last time you took it.

Strain Rotation
Because the alkaloids in different strains of kratom vary to an extent, many people have taken to rotating strains in order to avoid tolerance. For anyone looking to utilize strain rotation to reduce tolerance, it is a good idea to switch by strain and vein color daily, like switching from a Red Vein Bali to a White Vein Thai. For instance:

Day 1: Red Vein (Borneo)
Day 2: Green Vein Bali
Day 3: White Vein Strain (Thai)
Day 4: Green Indo Vein
Day 5: Red vein (Maeng Da)
Day 6: Stem & Vein
Day 7: White Vein (Malay)

However, in order to do this, one will need to have a variety of strains — at least four are suggested. Strain rotation also seems to make one more sensitive to the unique effects of each kratom strain and reducing the likelihood of strain “burn out”, which causes one to become nearly immune to the effects of a particular strain.

You can also alternate with a stem and vein kratom to make this even more effective, as their alkaloids are quite diverse from plain leaf alone..

Use the red vein strains 1.5 hours after dinner to have a peaceful and relaxed sleep. To avoid tolerance do not take it every night. Use Maeng Da strains when you need them as in you feel very depressed and demotivated.

This depends on the individual. If you aren’t set on taking Kratom every day (beginners), then 3 is the minimum. But to effectively keep tolerance down you should have, like said previously, around 5-7 strains.

Each strain has its own speed, and I usually tend to prefer a different speed everyday. Monday could be moderate, Tuesday could be fast, Wednesday could be slow, Thursday could be back to moderate, Friday could be fast, Saturday could be slow, Sunday can be moderate.

I don’t believe the different rotation of speed would have much affect on tolerance, it’s just how I prefer to do it. I've also gone from one fast strain to another fast strain the following day. Example would be taking Maeng Da on Monday, and then taking Red Thai on Tuesday.

So for most people, if you are planning to live the Kratom life style then I would recommend 5 to 7 strains so you can rotate them properly. For a beginner start out with 3.

You can lower your tolerance by going off of Kratom (cold turkey) for a week. The better way is to properly rotate your Kratom strains. If done correctly, you will always need the exact same amount of Kratom to hit your sweet spot, no more, no less.

Those who have been taking only one strain should go off Kratom for one whole week then after that you can go ahead and take Kratom again while properly rotating strains.

Pros and Cons of Rotating:
Lets talk about the pros and cons of having a rotation schedule. If you are a daily user of Kratom it is best to decide and plan ahead on your Kratom rotation schedule.

Pros of having a Kratom rotation:
You are able to keep your Kratom tolerance down by allowing your receptors to refresh to a certain strain for 3 days or up to a week while getting effect from a different strain.
You are able to try out many different types of strains and know which Kratom strains work best for what days you are using it for.
Your Kratom effects will always be strong as they were the first time you’ve tried it.
Having multiple strains will allow you to experiment by combining strains to get different effects. (I am currently trying this out and some combination are duds and some are amazing).

Cons of having a Kratom rotation:
Having many strains, around 5-7, can get quite expensive, and not a lot of people can’t do that due to their financial situations.
Some strains may not be best for you. (try strains before you add them to your rotation).
You are a Kratom fanatic/freak :).
There you have the pros and cons of having a Kratom rotation.

For beginners, you should definitely not buy 5-7 strains your first time, unless you’re super rich. We suggest you get three strains and try them out, and then try different trains the next time. The reason for this is because you shouldn’t invest your money on strains that may not work for you in the future.

For the first six months beginners should experiment. Until you find the right strains for you, and until you have decided that you want to take Kratom daily is when you should begin taking rotation seriously.

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to rotate 5-7 strains, we suggest having on 3-4 strains, and have some days where you don’t take Kratom at all.

Remember that to take a specific strain again, it should be 3 days apart from the time you last consumed it.

Don’t take the same strain on consecutive days.

If you already have built up a high tolerance to Kratom, you can simply go off kratom for a week to lower your kratom tolerance.

For beginners you should give yourself some time, roughly around 6 month, to experiment with Kratom before they decide to make Kratom a part of your life. By doing this you save money and be able to experiment with kratom without fully investing into the idea of making it a lifestyle.
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