21 Jun 2018
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TOPIC: Shelf life of Kratom

Shelf life of Kratom 1 week 2 days ago #33857

  • Nan70
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There have been multiple discussions about shelf life and potency of Kratom. Overall the verdict if stored in cool, dry, dark, air tight space it can stay potent for years. Of course if purchased from a vendor with good manufacturing practices and has quality sourced kratom.
I have unopened bags stored this way I call my zombie apocalypse/prepper stash.

But my daily rotation stash is on my desk. I have a number of Reds, Greens and Yellows that I use in rotation all in the original ziploc packaging.(I haven't set aside time to put in glass jars like I originally planned.) I have in this Kratom that is over a year old. I just finished the last 2 grams from a 100 gram bag of Red Hulu from In sense botanicals. This has been on my desk in original packaging placed in a plastic container with lid since November 2018. I have no special temperature control so its been through hot, cold, humid, and dry weather. My desk has sunlight but not direct. Only precaution I take is to keep it away from liquids and double check I am using a dry spoon to scoop. This Red Hulu was just as potent as day one. It lasted well over a year I only made effort to make sure the air was out of the bag and the Ziploc had a good seal.

What is the oldest bag of Kratom you guys have that is still in use?
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Shelf life of Kratom 1 week 1 day ago #33863

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I love the name for your unopened stash Nan70. I now have a name for my same stash out in the shed that is rarely used. That box o’ kratom needed a name besides my “anxiety purchases during BanMania 2016”.

You are SO CLEVER! And organized.

I have 3 boxes out for daily rotation use. One is actually a see-thru bag of like my Top 25 tiny envelopes and a few BIG bags. I seem to have to SEE THEM ALL to make a decision on the fly. So the bag is used for last minute overnight stay stash - something good for any time of day! LOL

You ask this JUST as I sorted my out of eyeshot inventory. Easily 2015 AND 2016 in there. Sealed well and no see-thru bag. YOU inspired me to “FIND MY INCARV” before ordering MORE. It had gotten chunky. It’s from 2017. Only 10:1 and I coulda swore it was 20:1. Thanks for reminding me to TRY ALTERNATIVES. I have Peony 30:1 I’m trying as well as Corydalis!

Some oldies but goodies made it back out for rotation use. Can’t believe it’s 2019 ALREADY!

I can’t wait to hear the replies you get on this thread:-)
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Shelf life of Kratom 1 week 1 day ago #33864

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I'm curious about this as well.
Dealing with fresh leaves, they don't last well if you don't put them in the freezer, so I'm going to try to dry some and see how that goes. Interested to hear how long you have kept your stash and how you keep it. If you haven't noticed a big potency difference after one year, I'd say that's great!

I would think some extracts using alcohol may be good for long-term storage as well? But I would not want to use alcohol personally because of my stomach.

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