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22 Jun 2020
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What Kratom is working for you today? 5 months 4 weeks ago #48452

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Nice one Babel B-)

Yep...I believe the white bentuangie deserves a o be added on “must try list “

I like the idea of this thread ... good form amigo (L)
Life is better with kratom !
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What Kratom is working for you today? 5 months 4 weeks ago #48451

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Well as i stated in my other thread i just tried Red Betuangie for the first time yesterday and ive gotta say its one of my favorite kratoms right now. Personally for all my basic kratoms like malay, Bali, Maeng da im using 10g twice a day for desired relief, energy, and effects. Yesterday the sample of Betuangie i had was only 7g and it hit me harder and more gracefully than my normal daily dose. Also the euphoria and mood lift and energy i had was a sure shot for me to mark it down on the grocery list for next purchase.

Other than that my go to that i love on a daily basis is Red Maeng Da. It was the first kratom i ever tried, and became my first LOVE. To this day it still gives me the best feeling out of all the other non tricked out kratom names lol. Betuangie though is knockin on Meang Da's door and is gonna try to take first place in my heart. We will see though i just hope the batch i order of BET is as good as i just recieved in the sample i had...
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What Kratom is working for you today? 5 months 4 weeks ago #48449

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I was going to start a thread just to give a shout-out of gratitude to the In Sense White Bentaguie that rode to the rescue by way of my bloodstream just a few minutes ago. But that seemed a bit too little to say so as to start a thread, and I didn't want to work at fleshing out a non-review just to make it less cursory.

I've only done this a couple of times, it's one of those cute little non-resealable mini-samples that we sometimes get. Funny how my luck has been awesome with those, from everyone who includes them. ;)

Anyway, this In Sense White Bentaguie is now to be considered by me as "Medicine Cabinet Kratom". This, the Green Riau, and a few night time ones being the few of that grade that come to mind. There are others I think of as tonics, like Otie's Super Green Malay, Soflo's Gold MD, or Hudson Valley Botanicals Green Hulu, but that's another story. :)

I was pushing the envelope a bit the last week or two in seeing how low I could go with my servings of Kratom while still getting great effect from them, and between that and being busy, by my low standard of busy anyway, and having a good workout yesterday early evening, I woke up both sore and with low energy. I'd slept really well, but I wasn't feeling energized, and I was both achy all over, and sore in the muscles I'd used at the gym.

I prescribed myself the White Bent in the hope that it could help with everything, and it really was "just what the doctor ordered".

That's basically it. Seeing as how this is a fresh thread that I hope that others use, I thought that some background, and an intro of sorts was appropriate.

This could also be another repository of knowledge for future reference as to what's worked for others, and the how and why thereby. Even just a tiny snippet of "I felt <insert description> so I took <insert name> and after <insert duration> I felt <insert how it helped>.

Edit, I forgot to mention that it went to work as right away as is possible, in my experience, for Kratom to do so. Empty stomach, so the fine grind probably went right into me.
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