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22 Jun 2020
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Reset Advice (Looking for as much help as possible): 6 months 2 weeks ago #50477

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hey inglorious! Im so glad you found us too!

fist. take a big breath. you have to be ready to do this. its not too hard once you set your mind to it. I had a full planned reset in January but it was in planning for months. don't beat yourself up. these are very stressful times. do it when you are ready! I did it for me. you have to do it for you when its the right time for you.

my reset I did for 4 weeks. but I wasn't working or doing much really physically and couldn't go to the gym at the time I had a weight restriction at the time.

ive been told the best reset is at least 2 weeks but 3 is better if you can hold out.

I only used stem and vein cause I was told this was overall the best way. different set of alkaloids. its a little more gritty. easy to toss and wash. 2-3 g is an average sweet spot every 4-6 hours. I only took stem and vein. sometimes blending 2 different types.

soflo has green stem and vein, oties has a blend I believe, so does kratom eye, Bennis and fused flora have it as well. tea time botanicals has a great variety and you can even pick your 'color'. those are the ones that come to mind first.

I did not experience any withdrawals. discomfort and pain, yes. which is why I take kratom! lol but there are many other herbals you can stack. in sense botanicals has a great other herbals section. akuamma, Incarvillea, and white willow bark are all great for daytime use. you can start as a base guide that worked for me 2g akuamma and Incarvillea, and a half to 1 gram of white willow. they also have corydalis, wild lettuce and skullcap which are better for night typically. I would start with a half gram of each to start. I don't typically take more than 1 type but if you have issues sleeping or in a good amount of pain take 2 out of the 3. kava helps mellow me out at night too.

honestly, I found doing the complete reset pretty easy. stem and vein in small doses did great for me, as with the other herbals. meridian botanicals also has a wide variety of pain relieving herbs. they are reasonable but are slow with shipping FYI.

I was taking up to 10g dose to be effective before my reset, now im averaging 2 g. sometimes less. but not more than 3. but I completely flipped our kratom sash, all new vendors or strains. and rotated companies. now I still take stem and vein to half and half with my doses on occasion to make it more full spectrum. or take days off with just that.

you can do this when you put your mind to it and youre ready. it can be a week, a month, 6 months. don't beat yourself up. even if you go 8 days and well have to have kratom, no ones gonna yell at you. then go back to stem and vein. its ok! we need to be more kind to ourselves! good luck. and feel free to email vendors asking specific questions. they want to help!
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Reset Advice (Looking for as much help as possible): 6 months 2 weeks ago #50464

  • Inglorious
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I am looking to do a reset. Ive tried tapers in the past with varying degrees of success but lately Ive not been successful. I am in the process of trying to acquire some Akuamma seed, stem and vein (or I just learned about hirsuta moments ago) as well as anything else that might help. Is hirsuta more helpful than stem and vein, or rotate between both, or whats the way to go there?

Any advice I can get to complete a successful reset would be VERY much appreciated. I was hoping to begin today but I need to acquire these things first honestly so until I do, I just intend to continue to try and taper/maintain to the best of my ability until I do obtain some of these things. Feel free to ask me questions if I need to elaborate on anything in order to receive sound advice, Im just not sure what information I need to provide overall.

EDIT: Some things Im curious about before anyone gives me any specific reset advice - How much stem and vein do I take with my regular doses? Is there a ratio, or dont take regular for a while/stem and vein on its own or otherwise?
Is it true a reset takes about 2 weeks?
Should I expect withdrawals while substituting the stem and vein/mixing the stem and vein (depending on what you all recommend)?

Otherwise any other information is very very welcome. I need all I can get. Thank you all again.
Thank you all. Im glad I found this community a few days ago. It seems to be filled with a group of very knowledgeable individuals.
The following user(s) said Thank You: michele373, Babel-17, Somethingsacredgoinonhere

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