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22 Jun 2020
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kratom and Ed problems 5 months 1 week ago #50599

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Hey Buckey ,

This is a completely safe space , and that’s a valid question you have . I can only speak in terms of personal experience. For me at 39, one beneficial part of my kratom regimen is that I am able to sustain longer in the love arena , but I think the same thing that allows this to happen , could possibly add to (in some cases ) some difficulty in maintaining ones form. Most men as we age have experienced a similar scenario and I think the worry and concern adds to this happening. Try not to feel pressured to perform , relax but have intentions , laying in bed with your sweetie in your birthday suit can really feed the fire ....! !.... ...
I would think that with much higher amounts than what your taking would be more likeliness to contribute , but since your amount is very reasonable and consider low, maybe it’s more of an age factor ? Idk... I’m always of the opinion that everything affects everything, in that way kratom could be a factor .

Not being a doctor, but a herbal enthusiast, is look into testosterone promoting herbs such as tongkat Ali, ... have never tried it but I’m interested for the claims this herb can provide .

Here’s a quick link to other ideas -

I want you to know that $hit happens and not to feel bad, but with lowered stress, exercise and healthy diet with some beneficial herbs , this can only help in all areas of life .

Another thing to consider if after doing all the above ( keeping in mind there’s no quick fix usually ) to look into low levels of testosterone therapy , to gently boost your levels , Joe Rogan from the Joe Rogan podcast does this , small amounts from what I understand can be very beneficial and with little to none detrimental problems.

We are here for you my friend , hope others add to ideas of what may help .

Take care
Life is better with kratom !
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kratom and Ed problems 5 months 1 week ago #50597

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Hay friends need some help with the facts on the use of kratom
Been using this plant now for over I would say 6 months now, I suffer with high levels of pain and cause of that bad fatigue, My daily use is about 12 grams so about 3 to 4 grams 3 times a day to help with my pains, and energies
I have probably been using every day now for about 7 weeks without any breaks, some days I well only take 1 dose but most days 2 and really bad days 3 doses.
Now I am 60 but in good shape still I feel, I just got into a new relationship with a beautiful lady after a year and a half from my last one, and my sex drive is still very high, I have been finding that my capability to sustain my manly hood does not last that long which was not bad prier to this.
Because I usually take my dose of kratom before I see her to help me cop with my pain, can this effect my performance in sustaining the ability to stay strong sorta speaking…
I canda feel weird asking but I was wondering if anyone can help on the question, and if it just might have to do with age, and if I have to start to use help does anyone have suggestion on a more natural way wather the Blue pill,
Thanks friends and thank you if any one can way in for me….
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