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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
General discussion regarding the very popular and NEW topic of Kratom Fusions. Fusions have gained popularity in the last few years, so if you haven't heard about this topic then jump in here to learn more from your fellow members. Once again, members new and old would appreciate your input so feel free to share.
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OnlineKratom.com Fusion Review 3 years 10 months ago #15767

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I have also tried the Ganesh and really enjoyed it's burt int he morning. It's strong but sometimes you just need a little punch :)

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OnlineKratom.com Fusion Review 4 years 5 months ago #12808

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Thank you for the review of our products Cybin_Spores! :x

I like to think of our fusions as something one could use to switch up their routine, exactly as you mentioned. It's also convenient to use much less of a more potent product in my personal opinion, but hey if plain leaf works for you then no reason to fix something that isn't broken right?

The Ganesha is a very nice strain to get your day going and is a personal favorite of mine. The Durga's not really my style because I go for mainly energy, but yes it's got a bit more of the euphoric effect because of the Borneo extract so I'm glad that it came across for you.

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to review our products. A big portion of the Kratom community isn't a fan of the extracts due to the nature of our industry and the sensitive position we're in, but I believe as long as it's represented positively and respectfully that there is no issue with them. I'm glad that you can at least somewhat share my opinion on them. I never suggest pure extract to anyone, but Fusions are totally awesome :-bd

Have a great weekend!

-Adrian(@onlinekratom.com) (L)
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OnlineKratom.com Fusion Review 4 years 5 months ago #12753

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First fusion I ever tried, I got some sent to me by the great people of Online Kratom. The first fusion was called Ganesha, I got a 10 gram sample, It's 10% extract and 90% plain leaf. I tried 4 grams in the morning for my first go around. I had a great uplifting alertness. No drowsiness whatsoever, a great body buzzing feeling, very smooth clean, no jitters or dizziness, very enjoyable. Made me feel very active, and put me in a great mood first thing in the morning. It lasted around 3 or 4 hours with lingering after effects for a couple hours. I think I would probably buy a little bigger amount for special occasions, or just for certain mornings.
The second fusion I tried was the Durga, same thing, 10 gram sample, same ratio of extract/plain leaf. I took around the same amount the next day. Great overall body feeling, more euphoric (as described on site) but less energetic, for me personally, it didn't give me the big uplifting boost like the Ganesha did. Still an uplifting mood enhancer. I think it probably would have been better for early afternoon, or after a days work, to just chill around the house with.

Over all I enjoyed them, and would probably get some at a later date if I'm looking to splurge on something. I don't think I would want to get in the habit of taking them everyday, but every once in a while, sure. It'd be too costly to buy this for my everyday use. I am interested in trying some other ones some time just too see whats up with them. Pretty nice, you're not getting a full dose of extract, so I'm sure your tolerance wouldn't get too out of control, unless you started dosing them every time you dose, every day. People at O.K. are very nice and helpful, answered every question I had in a timely manner. Nothing bad to say about them or the product at all.
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