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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
If you're new to Kratom, this is the spot to ask questions and get more familiar.
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Shoulder pain 3 months 4 days ago #49692

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Welcome dknight178,
You found what I call a darn near perfect community (playing devils advocate I’ll refrain from saying perfect ) ! So happy to have you join us .... come on in , the water is fine !! >:D My humor annoys my lady , but I mean well :-? :whistle:

Nan nailed it , stay hydrated , and no need to take any pain meds if kratom is helping in the ways you need , for me it’s a one stop depression, anxiety and pain reliever :-P And also like Nan, kratom is the most effective thing I’ve tried to help me with my ailments ... across the board !

Nan, .... I agree , I’ll even say that imo, it’s safer than all the pain medications out there , just the way I feel about it ! Not a doc, so I’m not making any claims , but keeping in mind the hydration factor , eating foods that aid into regularity B-) your golden !

Less is more with kratom , 9.9 -10 out of 10 times ! So ... if kratom is what you choose , keep in mind that more is less , and less is more , the ceiling effect for me is anything over approximately 6gms or 3 tsp, I loose out on some of the benefits kratom has to offer if I take more or dose to many times in the day ....

My reg dose amount is 2 tsp 3-5 times a day , approximately a oz , but that just me , plenty of other folks take less , but I’m cool with the amount I take ..!!..!!.. works for my needs ,

Some things that I’ve found to keep the benefits consistent over time :

-Rotate strains and vendors
-Keep your dose to lowest amount that will deliver the relief you need
-be mindful of staying hydrated
- eat more salad lol, serious , helps with regularity
- Less is more ! For realz .......

Glad you found this sweet community, welcome to the family !

Your in good company , please enjoy the wonderful folks and knowledge shared here , and hope to learn along side with you !

Life is better with kratom !
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Shoulder pain 3 months 4 days ago #49690

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Hello DK welcome to the forum
Yes Kratom has anti inflammatory properties. I take Kratom for spinal arthritis about 2 1/2 years now. For me it works the best with the least side effects.
Kratom is fine to take with NSAIDs but why take them if kratom works. I personally feel NSAIDS are horrible medications and should not be used long term to treat any chronic conditions.
I take turmeric, ginger, and moringa throughout the day along with kratom for my inflammation.
I personally feel Kratom is by far safer than the side effects of most pain relievers.

The stigma associated with kratom because of the F.Da attacks.
Its dehydrating
Possible constipation
Drink plenty of fluids and managed digestion to avoid these.

Best to you, ask any question you need,
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Shoulder pain 3 months 4 days ago #49689

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I'm new to Kratom. Im currently taking Kratom Kaps red vein Bali in capsule form, at a 5-6 gram dose twice a day. It has been very successful at pain mitigation for my torn labrum and bicep tendon. I do wonder if this is a safe alternative to other pain medicines? Does Kratom have any anti-inflammatory benefits? Any ideas on what medications for inflammation are safe to take with Kratom? Thanks in advance.
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