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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
If you're new to Kratom, this is the spot to ask questions and get more familiar.
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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 6 months 4 weeks ago #50281

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hey lided!

ICU nurse with a newborn. your mind must be spinning constantly! thank you for doing what you do. truly.

now down to the nitty gritty. you are in a great spot for newbie questions. we will walk you through things best we can. all leaf 'colors' can help with pain. red leaf is typical for having the most traditional pain relieving properties. but a lot of strains can make you sleepy. red horn and red maeng da are typically best for daytime. they can help calm you down too.

green leaf is typically best for mood, anxiety and energy and generally pretty good for pain relief. you can try almost any green and see what works best for you. get any green from a reputable company and you should feel something. maeng da, Riau, malay, Mahakam, borneo, bali, list goes on. I think any might be good.

white leaf is typically good for energy and great for mood enhancement too. but if you use all just white it can amp you up. BUT if you get stuck working a 16 hr shift and need a pick me up, this is your strain.

another option is golds ( or yellows ) which are typically middle of the road mellow energy, decent pain relief and mood enhancement.

most of us start blending or buying strains already blended. but I might be getting ahead of myself.

first off. how to get it down. thats the fun part! the flavor is unique and can be a rough earthy mess. im not going to kid you. most people mix, let it dissolve, or use a shaker with a little juice. orange and grapefruit works well. masks the taste pretty well. or any fancy refrigerated juice. even chocolate milk works well.

another option is what we call the toss and wash. this is now typically what I do since I got my tolerance down. you drink a little juice, coffee whatever. leave some in your mouth. tilt your head. and toss the powder in. swallow as soon as the powder hits. some sip again right after you drop in the powder. whichever works for you. it takes a bit of practice and you might want to practice a bit at home first. but you can carry the powder and a water bottle or beverage and do it in the restroom and no one will know. I got a bunch empty cosmetic containers and put it in your bag and no one would know. or even label it moringa or something.
theres a few you tube videos on the toss and wash too.

there are a few ways to blend it into food too, but theyre not as easy to transport unless maybe you put it with your lunch in the fridge if you pack your own. one way is honey balls. oties botanicals has a great recipe on this. and they have great kratom too!

another way is melting coconut oil and using candy molds. weigh out the kratom, or each whole gets 1teaspoon or tablespoon or whatever. then freeze em. melts easily with coffee or tea and you can cut up the pieces. you tube videos on that too.

and lastly to be honest, the only thing im worried about is if the shots were extracts, your tolerance might be high already. no biggie, we still will do what we can to help you! not judging. I found kratom cause my husband got off of subs. one step at a time!

I would try a small order of leaf and see how your body responds. in sense botanicals has a 3oz special, you pick your strains. oties has one as well, they pick them for you.re-leaf llc ( Maine) if you do a search once on their site, they even have a strain called the addict. not saying you are, but it helps. they even have the stress ect..

many other great approved vendors christophers organic botanicals, top extracts, bow key, soflo, fused flora, inland, pa botanicals, so many great. too many great ones to remember~my suggestion is you get at least 3 oz and no more than 2oz of any strain. you can get into 'bulking up' later once you know better what works for you.

now.. if the powder doesn't work, after you try 2g. then another half to full gram again till you at least feel better. up to say 5-6g I wouldn't go higher. if that doesn't work, we go from there. I know oties has a great spray under the tongue extract. quite a few have concentrates ect.. but im not as well versed in that. I know pharmacy dropout has a workday blend that's enhanced leaf that I break out when working too much/ long hours.

either way we got you. let us know if you need any more guidance ;)
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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 6 months 4 weeks ago #50280

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Hey lily ,

Your so welcome !
I had a pretty long reply that I was gonna post , but I closed my screen and it was gone when i reopened it ... oh well :pinch:

Please no need to feel embarrassed , we are all learning how to navigate life and how to utilize kratom in the best ways for our individual needs... there’s a bit of a learning curve .

I like to mix my powder in grapefruit juice, or toss and wash. It’s exactly how it sounds .. I put the tiniest amount of water in my mouth , toss in a tsp at a time, wash it down with a cup or two of water ... because kratom drys you out like coffee
( both are diuretics) I try to drink plenty of water . T&W is tricky and needs some practice so you don’t inhale the powder .. not fun! Best to start by mixing with a liquid.

It’s completely ok to offer suggestions of vendors and strains .. I’ll list a handful that have great quality products-

Benni Botanical
Fused Flora
InSense/ Goldleaf Botanical
COB Christopher’s Organic Botanical
PDO Pharmacy Drop Out
Inland Botanical
Lucky Herbals
SLO Kratom
Bow Key Botanical
Kratom Krates

And more !!

I think for stress and anxiety green Malay would be a good pick. For energy and pain relief I like green and red Maeng da . Whites I like to use in the morning because they tend to have high octane effects .

The best is to order a few sample packs from a few vendors to see what works best for your body ... find a few that suits your fancy and rotate the varieties . This helps prevent becoming desensitized to one particular alkaloid profile . Keeps effects lovely .

Others will add their thoughts , but you have a great list to look into , email the vendors and they’ll help you pick some items .. they can’t give any medical advice but can still help with ones that will aid into your well being .

Great to hear from you again, please don’t be a stranger B-) (L)

We are all here to help each other ! Pretty cool thing we got going on here ..!!..!!..

Take care Lily
Life is better with kratom !
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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 6 months 4 weeks ago #50272

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Hi Brandon and Max :-h
Thank you guys so so much for taking the time to respond to my post! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, I am an ICU nurse and I have a 4 month old baby girl that keeps me running around like a crazy person LOL. I am going to take your advice and try the powder! I don’t know how I got so narrow focused on the extracts and I am honestly a little embarrassed that I don't know more about different strains of Kratom after taking it for some time. After I read your posts, I did some research and it seems like the extracts can be a little shady because we are not told exactly what is in the formula. I think when i transitioned off of opiates I was just so happy to find something that was legal and mostly effective that I didn't ask the questions I really should have lol. Everything both of you said makes sense to me and I would love to give powder another go. Is there anyway you could tell me where you get your powder from and what kind you think I might try? I don’t know if that sort of thing is allowed on this forum and I certainly won’t hold anyone responsible for any recommendations, I just don’t want to get ripped off again. I am not really sure what strain would be best for me, but I do think a strain that is known for helping with anxiety and a little depression might be my scene. I am open to any personal favorites, suggestions or articles so I can learn more! One last question, how do I go about swallowing the powder? Capsules make me a little sick and it takes me ages to get 6 down. If I remember correctly, I have a memory of the kratom being hydrophobic so I tried to mix it with an oil and it was still pretty rough. Sorry if these are newbie questions, I have wanted to ask educated peeps about kratom for so long and I will try any way even if it's gnarly because I can never go back to prescription medications. Thanks for any information guys, I can’t tell you how nice it is to speak with some intelligent peeps that find the beauty of this plant like I do! Thank you and much love to everyone :) :)

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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 7 months 1 week ago #49986

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Hey Lilded! Welcome to the community :)

I totally agree with Brandon's response and advice so im not gonna repeat it but i'll share my experience with you

I had an accident 4 years ago that left with chronic pain and fatigue. It took me one year to get medical attention and I tried
5 different medications over 2 years, none of them worked and all of them had bad side effects. When my doctor told me he couldn't do anything else i tried kratom. This was last November. I ordered my first kilo, 4 strains. First time i took 2,5 gr and felt nothing, took more every 2h until i had took 10 gr total. Then i made tea, 5gr. Nothing. 5 more. Slight relief. 5 more... meh. That day i took 30gr. The next day i took 25gr tru the day. Meh. The 3rd day i made tea with 25gr and drank it during the day and got 50% relief. The 4th day i turned almost all of the 1 kilo into tea and concentrated it slowly and carefully. For the next week i drank about 25gr worth of this strong tea per day, between 50and 75% relief. Then i turned the tea into resin very carefully and started taking that, from 15 to 30 gr worth per day, meh. It was hit or miss but i was disappointed.

Then i gave it a shot with just the raw powder mix in OJ. I took 6gr and puked 30min later, and i felt good relief. 6h later the pain was back so i took 4gr in OJ... COMPLETE relief for 5h! What!?!!

The raw powder at 5gr was more effective than the resin AT THE SAME WEIGHT. I kid you not. And my extract was done perfectly, im a science nut and understand exactly how to perform the extraction correctly.

I ordered more powder and came here for answers. Since then i only use powder mixed with cold juice or sometimes hot water and allowed to cool. Since the holidays I went from 10 gpd to 30 and back to 10 gpd now. I get better results with plain leaf below 18 gpd. Same relief, around 75% sometimes more rarely less, but for me over 18 gpd i get less of the other benefits like energy, mood bost, ect.

The chemistry of this plant is awesome. Less is more really. Its not something to get a buzz, its something to feel naturally good.

This was my experience, i never used opiates but it saved my life. Yours will be different but the less is more and the plain leaf principle holds true for everybody and i know if you work with the plant it will benefit you greatly. It might take some trials and error but so much worth the effort. Millions of people were in a similar situation as yours with the tolerance and now are free and well.

Feel free to ask or rant or anything really, this is our place to connect, our home and yours too now!

Peace n leaf

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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 7 months 1 week ago #49858

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Welcome to the ILK village , very happy you found us .

Congratulations on ending your opiate use and finding something to help you through it .
I haven’t heard of this brand, no experience with the the company selling these extract shots , spending 32$ per dose is very expensive though ...not a long term maintenance program, however kratom powder is a very sustainable route and with a built in self regulating ceiling effect , extracts are best for the short term or occasions when needing a extra or help occasionally , but urge you to try plain leaf and give it another shot.Could be a game changer !
A couple questions my friend , ....
How long have you been taking kratom
and have you tried diff types “strains/ colors ?” , diff vendors? It can take some time from stopping opiates and feeling the full benefit of kratom . They both touch upon some of the same receptors sites ; opiates being way stronger, so if you are taking kratom while still having pain meds in your system , powder will feel like it’s not strong , takes a little time to to adjust and feel all the benefits powdered leaf imparts . I want to encourage you to think about transitioning off this liquid product and switch over to powder, sometimes we think the more concentrated, the more powerful ...the strength of pure leaf can be extraordinarily beneficial when finding “strains” that work best for your chemistry but takes a little trial and error , right dosage etc ,

sorry for the little rant, not trying to preach at all lol, but giving the powder another go is the direction i urge you to consider . Much better all around , sustainable and better for your body . And effective !!!

Red strains mightn be the most helpful fornfor transitioning off opiate ,!or extract .

Red Bali, Red Borneo red kali , red md etc...

Gold strains : gold Bali, gold md etc..

Some greens can be very helpful as well, I take them more frequent than other types -

Green MD, green Malay , green Riau , green Mahakan .... etc

Others will chime in tomorrow, so more suggestions may be added ,

Your in The right place lilded . We all want to help you with your journey !

Please ask any questions and we’ll help find the answers .

Life is better with kratom !
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Super k extract shots from south sea ventures 7 months 1 week ago #49854

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with south sea ventures extra strong super k shots. They are in the purple bottles. Sometimes they are full of little black bits that look like coffee grounds and those ones are extremely strong and can easily make you ill. Other times there are no grits in the shot and it’s so weak I can take multiple bottles. I am being charged $32 per bottle and easily go through 2 per day. I use kratom as a maintenance therapy as I’m sober from opiates. I have tried powder and don’t feel much of anything. I have an extreme tolerance for all drugs so my question is...is super k the best for an opiate like effect or is there another route I could try? I am super open to any input, I really could use some help.
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