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22 Jun 2020
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Is Kratom Banned in Indonesia? 7 years 8 months ago #4

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First, let me explain that there is no announcement what so ever on the Ministry of Agriculture website for Indonesia regarding a Kratom Ban. To be fair, I think you should check this for yourself. Go to www.deptan.go.id/index1.php to verify.

Second, I've done some research over the last 2 days to figure out what is happening. There are a few vendors and wholesalers here in the US and UK that are also very closely tied to the Kratom Wholesalers in Indonesia. I've put together an Org Chart of these groups so that you can see what is really going on out here. It appears that one of two things are happening. One, the vendor/wholesalers are putting out Misinformation in the hopes of driving up Kratom Prices. Two, someone got too excited and started posting before verifying the information.

I have a source in Indonesia that verified for me that there are no shipping restrictions what so ever on Kratom.

I would like to also add some very common sense information here for you to digest and hopefully for those who started these unsubstantiated rumors. If, in fact, these groups are trying to drive prices up they should strongly consider the outcome. Currently it costs anywhere from $3-$5 per dose of Kratom which, in most cases, is a pain to have to try to take a mouthful of Kratom Powder. It's generally more expensive to buy Kratom in capsule form. If prices are falsely increased, the US customers would actually be saving money if they reverted to prescription medications such as Vicodin or Percacet when those go for $3 - $5 per tablet on the street. My thought is that this disinformation was released purely for greed and with no forethought. I've put in an interesting Org Chart below for you to look at and I highly recommend that you repost this information in as many places as possible to properly inform people as to what is going on. I don't know about you, but this Misinformation campaign is, not only, immoral but also malicious.

Kratomnesia (Indonesian Supplier)
- Wholesale Shamanic Herbs (Also has Psychoactive Herbs)
- Kratom Therapy (Located in Pismo Beach, CA)
- Captain Amsterdam (Located right next to Pismo Beach in San Diego, CA)
- Pep Kratom (Is the same company as Captain Amsterdam located in the same building)
- Kratom.pro (Listed on CapatainAmsterdam.com and they only list their companies)
- Arenaethnobotanicals.com (Looks identical to Kratom.pro's capsule containers)

If you happen to go on google and search for "Indonesian Ban", you'll find a website called smoketalk.net that has about 50 posts on his site about it. More interesting is that "Kratom Therapy" is the main banner on their site.

I am gathering more information regarding this conspiracy and will post a more detailed Org Chart as I get it. You can do your own research and post it here. You should also take note that many of these sites, such as kratomworld.com, that just link back to sites such as Kratompro.com .

In conclusion, it's a bit disturbing that this group is conducting business in this fashion. In my opinion, the amount of effort needed to build these sites and lie about who you are would be more than if you simply did honest business with an honest product. I propose not doing business with these organizations to show them what happens when your intent is malicious and deceitful to your customers.

Stay tuned for my next posts.
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