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22 Jun 2020
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Here we go again........ 1 year 6 months ago #37177

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It's sad what the drug dealers are doing to addicts. They intentionally load up a few packets of heroin with Fentanyl or Carfentanil to kill a few addicts so the other addicts will want their product more. Now there's so many being killed by all the drug dealers. (Dante's Inferno comes to mind) It disgusts me.

These addicts should not be locked in cages. They should not be vilified and censored. Intervention is cheaper than incarceration. But with so many in government having financial inroads into private prisons? I seriously doubt that mindset will ever change. The Nixonian mindset of "all out war on drugs" is clearly not working.

Good luck in Louisiana. I remember as a very young man, much simpler days, I spent a spring in Jackson Mississippi. My job was to travel to the parish's all over the state. I had never in my life seen, touched and smelled the heavenly fragrance of a Magnolia in full bloom! I envy you the Magnolia's!!

Be blessed Michele. Have a wonderful and safe day.
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Here we go again........ 1 year 6 months ago #37167

  • michele373
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please robie preach! ive heard that fentanyl is claiming more lives than oxys. how the hell do all these people get this stuff? probably our people of "protection" lol. and now theres a new drug 100 times more potent than fentanyl called carfentanil… just scary. I mean are they just trying to prevent overpopulation? this baffles me. but kratoms the enemy. or if you try and get wild dagga in Louisiana you are just pushing it mister!
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Here we go again........ 1 year 6 months ago #37129

  • bomalley
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It all points to the complete abrogation of social responsibility and blaming individuals for everything that happens to them. Most people resort to drugs because of social conditions NOT because they are bad people.

When people have the opportunity to access resources for achieving improved health, education and a meaningful worklife, they are much less likely to fall victim to using chemicals to dull their pain.

Most problems originate in the SYSTEM not the individual.

Blaming Johnnie's parent for the infected cut on his leg is of no use when they live in a dilapidated rental becausee they cannot find work, and he has to play in an old scrap yard because there are no playgrounds in the neighborhood and...oh yes....they cannot afford health care either.

So that is MY rant.

"Fewer faces and more spaces"

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Here we go again........ 1 year 6 months ago #37126

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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All points that are undeniable to a person who is awake and sees through the bs , thanks for your rant, it chimes true on all bells in my complete agreement.... it’s beyond ludicrous and these are the people/ organizations of government that we are led to believe have our best interests in mind .... pure baloney!!!! Their interests of gain and control are the only priority they have . How do we burst the veil over the folks eyes who hear what fda/ pharma says as true !!!???

Idk.... but grateful for your shared feelings/ thoughts on the Heynis trail of lies being pumped out by these shady as all hell people ....shame on them and the media !!

like minded folks who can call it as it truly is , that’s good medicine

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Here we go again........ 1 year 6 months ago #37121

  • Robie
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Good morning all. I must ask for your forbearance and patience in advance. But I'm getting old and very tired of the ignorance and buffoonery of "Prohibition". The Federal, in their wisdom, is going down this road once again. It has never worked and never will. In America there are millions upon millions of disenfranchised people who have fallen prey to drug abuse. For escape from misery I imagine. Physical pain. Mental pain. Poverty. Some are genetically prone to ANY abuse. Prohibition does not work.

My anger is the concerted effort of the FDA, DEA, FBI, Congress, Special Interests and their media toadies. If I may? The American people are being fed junk science by a very willing media. It's the Affinity/Activity equation. If I may? 4 things that come from plants: Watermelon, potatoes, alcohol and Kratom. Only one will kill you from a negative Affinity/Activity equation: alcohol. Let's say we have two people. One spikes a small watermelon with a quart of Everclear. And this same soul has a very nominal amount of Kratom in his system. But said person eats the whole watermelon and dies of alcohol poisoning. The media is being very duplicitous in not mentioning that the said person downed a quart of 190 proof corn liquor in 2 hours. They only mention that there was also alcohol in their system. Poly drug use is what we would hear. Well the same can be applied to potatoes. We have another soul whom has a nominal amount of Kratom in their system. But they decide to eat 20 pounds of potatoes at one sitting. I truly have empathy for the coroner. And their digestive tract literally explodes. The media would proclaim that said person died while eating dinner and was found to have Kratom in their system. Not mentioning the 20 pounds of potatoes the person ate. From what I'm observing we have a few parents who refuse to take responsibility for their parenting skills and their children's over indulgencies.

Ah.... But here's the rub as the Bard would say. Two of the most destructive drugs that are destroying millions upon millions of lives are Alcohol and Methamphetamine. Both negatively effected by the Activity/Affinity equation. Opioids can't hold a candle to the destruction that is allowed to continue from these two drugs. Look at the liquor industries rush to create cannabis infused beverages! The filthy secret that's being swept under the rug here? We have some very moneyed and powerful people whom are Ritalin and Adderall babies. These people are power players in politics and business. I imagine they also enjoy their libations. I imagine there are going to be some folks whom take offense at what I'm about to say. I apologize in advance. But members of the FDA, DEA, ATF, FBI, Congress, Special Interests ant all their media toadies get up and take their legally prescribed methamphetamines in the morning and throughout the day. Then come home and have a few drinks to "take the edge off". These Paragon's of our society are above the criticisms of the "little people". These are the same people who create prohibition laws that throw others in jail whilst they "legally" commit the same offenses. One law for the governed, another law for the governing. Take Congress. On any given day who can guess WHAT drugs their abusing by their odious behaviors? They are on the most insidious drug of all: power and more power.

Again. My humble apologies for my rant. I hope to not offend. I also hope I have not repeated another souls post. Neither were my intention. I'm tired of Governmental and Investigative Journalisms duplicity. I am reminded of a quote by George Orwell: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". We, the little people, would do well to remember this. Tell the truth.

Be blessed in all things and have a safe and delightful day.

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