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22 Jun 2020
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General discussion regarding Plain Leaf Kratom, Opinions, Questions and Experiences. Or feel free to talk about your favorite kind of Plain Leaf Kratom.
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Importance of dosing 4 years 3 months ago #12928

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Hey oldman, sorry you had a bad experience with kratom. That is perhaps the only down side to kratom, you have to go through the trail phase to find out what works for you. Along the way you will likely find vendors and strains you won't care for. I can't say I have tried taking a larger dose after experiencing headaches. I have had a few strains give me a headache but usually just throw them out. There have only been a couple so far though. Most have pleasant outcomes but still all provide different results. I'm curious who the vendor was and which strains you tried? It's ok if you don't wish to share though. If the 4grams gives you the experience you're after then I don't see any issue continuing it. You may try switching to a white or red strain. Not all reds are sedating in nature. I can't say I've ever tried a green kali before.
Best of luck to you, you will find one that suits your needs
You get out what you put in....
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Importance of dosing 4 years 3 months ago #12926

  • Oldman
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I'm new to kratom use. I had a bad experience with my first order of kratom; I only took 2 grams at any one time and it gave me nothing but headaches and nausea, while being totally hydrated. I just started my second order from another vendor and the same thing happened when I began with 2 grams.

I took 2 grams of green kali and felt fine for 45 minutes and then felt an edgy headache coming on, which went away after about 2 hours. I stayed hydrated the whole time so that was not an issue.
I then took 2 more grams after 2 hours and had a good experience with no headaches. Wondering if maybe the cummulative dose helped in not giving me a headache.

My question is: Do some people experience discomfort, edginess or headaches, with the lower dose and no problem at all with a higher dose? I've never taken 4 grams at once, and wonder if anyone has heard of anyone who suffered with a low dose and was fine with a higher dose?


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