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22 Jun 2020
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Plain Leaf Strains List of Effects 3 years 6 months ago #16878

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Different Strain Effects:

Red Bali-This is the most classic Kratom strain. It’s main effect is a Mood Lift.

Red Vietnam-Similar to the Red Bali, this Kratom strain gives you a sense of relaxation, but also a good Mood Lifter.

Red Thai-This is similar to the Red Bali Kratom, though the sense of Mood Lift is slightly less.

Red Maeng Da-This Kratom strain has the same level of pain reliever as the Green Maeng Da, but it also has a strong Mood Lifting effect.

Red Borneo-This Borneo Kratom strain gives you the same ability to focus and pain relief, but also gives you a very strong Mood Lift.

Red Indo-This Kratom is similar to Red Bali and it provides a clean energy experience.

Red Sumatra-This red strain provides a strong Mood Lifting feeling with a bit of relaxation.

Red Gold-This Kratom strain is similar to the Red Bali, but will be slightly more intense since it is dried longer.

Red Riau-Similar to the White Sumatra strain, Red Riau Kratom gives you a feeling of relaxation and Mood Lift.

Red Bentuangie-Red Bentuangie tends to be dried a bit longer than some other red strains and therefore has strong Mood Lifting effects.

Red Dragon-Red Dragon is an intense red strain. It provides intense Mood Lifting effects and is often taken in less dosages than other red strains.

Red Horned Maeng Da-This Horned Kratom is a rare yellow-brown vein of Maeng Da. It will give you a strong Mood Lift coupled with strong pain relief.

Yellow Borneo-Yellow Borneo is a rare strain of Kratom obtained from the drier leaves of the Red and White Borneo plant; therefore, it is provides Mood Lift, a strong clear minded energy feeling and body relaxation components.

Yellow Kapuas-This strain provides some Mood Lift and strong relaxation effects. It can be seen as a mix between a Red Bali and White Kapuas.

Yellow Sumatra-Yellow vein kratom from Sumatra is another great strain from the Indonesian islands. Similar to Red Sumatra, it has an exceptionally relaxing and soothing aroma, but is less sedating. It is very Tranquil & Uplifting. This makes it a great strain to mix in for a blend of energy and tranquility.

Yellow Gold-This Kratom is made from with a different, slightly longer drying process than Indonesian Kratom and therefore gives off a stronger feeling of Mood Lift.

Yellow Vietnam-Is a white or green veined strain originating from the dense forest along the Mekong River. It is an unusual, special, distinctive, and much sought after strain. Great for mixing mixing with other strains. You can get whatever effect you want with this one just adjust the dosage. Common effects have been described as increased drive, motivation, and clear headed thinking. Effects are said to be very balanced between energy & calmness. The onset is very quick usually. It can soothe the stomach, clear the mind, elevate your mood as well as heighten visual perception. It has long lasting effects with moderate pain relief & all with no bitter taste. Yellow Vietnam is Sun Dried & is supposed to have the Highest Alkaloid Percentages of any Yellow Strains. Vietnam strains are closely related to Maeng Da Strains.

Chocolate Borneo-Similar to Red Borneo, but dried longer, Chocolate Borneo Kratom gives you pain relief and the ability to focus coupled with a strong feeling of Mood Lift.

Dark Brown Bentuangie-Dark Brown Bentuangie is dried even longer than the Red Bentuangie and is therefore extremely Mood Lifting, but also has hints of relaxation and clear minded energy.

Green Maeng Da-All Maeng Da Kratom strains are very effective pain relievers, but the Green Maeng Da also gives you a strong boost of energy.

Green Malay-This Kratom strain heavily increases mind stimulation and gives you a good Mood Lift. This is also one of the most popular Kratom strains.

Green Vietnam-Similar to the Green Malay, this Kratom strain increases mind stimulation and energy, but also gives a good Mood Lift. It is also one of the most popular Kratom strains.

Green Cambodian-This Kratom strain is highly relaxing and also gives you a good Mood Lift.

Green Borneo-This Kratom strain gives you the ability to concentrate and focus while also giving you energy and a mild pain relief.

Green Sumatra-This Kratom strain provides a strong sense of energy and Mood Lift.

Green Sandai-This dark green strain, also known as Green Sandai, is harvested out of Sandai Village in Indonesia. It has a faster and more potent aroma than other green vein strains, but not quite as energetic as a typical white vein or Maeng Da strain. Those looking for a moderate strain with a great aroma will not be disappointed by dark green Sandai. It is a great strain to work in as a substitute for other moderate strains such as green vein Borneo and white vein Indo.

Green Riau-Instead of providing relaxation like Red Riau, Green Riau Kratom gives you energy and the same Mood Lift.

Green Indo-Similar to the Super Indo, this Kratom strain gives you a Mood Lifting feeling with an even stronger boost of energy.

Green Dragon-An intense green strain. It provides intense energy and strong Mood Lifting effects. It can often be taken in less dosages than other green strains.

Green Bali-Green Bali is a less Mood Lifting Kratom strain, but has a good balance between energy and relaxation.

Green Kapuas-Similar to the Green Bali, Green Kapuas is a middle strength green strain. It provides an even balance between energy and Mood Lift.

Dark Green Borneo-This Kratom strain is dried longer than traditional Green Borneo and therefore provides stronger effects of energy and Mood Lift.

Green Bentuangie-Green Bentuangie is intensely dried for the last two hours and locks in the strength of the plant. This provides a strong energy feeling similar to the Green Malay.

Green Horned Maeng Da-One of the rarer strains of Kratom, Green Horned Maeng Da will give you a strong sense of energy coupled with some pain relief.

Green Hulu Kalimantan-Green Kalimantan’s soothing and mood-lifting aroma are its best qualities, but you’ll find that it also isn’t lacking in terms of energy . The green vein Kalimantan strain is also one of the most affordable strains on the market and one that can be used universally because of its smooth nature.The positive effects of the green vein Kalimantan strain are subtle, but powerful.

Red Hulu Kalimantan-This strain's soothing and mood-lifting aroma are its best qualities, but it’s slightly sedating effects are one more benefit if you’re looking for a great red veined Kratom strain . Most will find that Red Hulu Kalimantan is comparable to other slow strains such as Red Borneo or Yellow Sumatra, but with just a little less sedation. Red Hulu Kalimantan is a great option for those that like relaxation without the more sedating qualities of other red vein strains. However, the mood elevating qualities of its aroma are on par with the most potent of Kratom strains. We are confident you will enjoy this strain very much.

Super Indo-Contrast to the Green Cambodian, this Kratom strain gives you a strong boost of energy along with a Mood Lifting feeling.

White Sunda-Similar to the Super Indo, this Kratom strain gives you a strong boost of energy with a mild Mood Lifting feeling. This Kratom strain is only found in certain areas of Indonesia.

White Bali-This Kratom strain provides relaxation, some pain relief, and a bit of clear headed energy. White Bali can be seen as a less potent White Borneo.

White Borneo-This Kratom strain is similar to the Green Borneo strain, but gives a stronger pain relieving effect and relaxing effect on top of the ability to focus.

White Maeng Da-This Kratom strain has a strong pain reliever effect and it also gives you a strong relaxing feeling.

White Kapuas-This Kratom strain is a mildly relaxing with a some hints of energy.

White Sumatra-This specific Kratom strain supplies you with endless relaxation and Mood Lifting feelings.

White Sandai-This high quality white vein strain is harvested out of Indonesia near the Tayan river, where the rich and fertile soil of the area creates the ideal habitat for yet another great Kratom strain. Premium white Sandai has a fine powdery consistency and is one of the more subtle of the white vein strains. It’s aroma is comparable to other unique strains such as white Sumatra and white Bentuangie in that it is energetic and uplifting without being as fast as a strains such as Maeng Da or Red Thai.

White Bentuangie-Like all the other Bentuangie strains, White Bentuangie is dried longer and therefore has more relaxing effects than other white strains. It can easily be compared to the White Sumatra.

White Indo-Similar to White Maeng Da, White Indo is is extremely relaxing and provides some pain relief.

White Gold-This Kratom strain is similar to the White Bali, but will be slightly more intense since it is dried longer.

White Horned Maeng Da-This white Kratom strain is more energetic than other strictly relaxing white strains.

White Vietnam-This white vein strain is recommended for everyone in need of an aroma which aids in natural pain relief and energy, as well as clarity of thought, emotion and absorption in current tasks. White Vietnam also works wonders for those seeking a mood-boosting aroma. Because of its unique origin, properties and effects, the white vein Vietnam strain is definitely worth keeping handy.

Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan-Similar to the Red Bali Kratom strain, the Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan acts like a traditional Pain Reliever, however, it provides even an even feeling of Mood Lift.

Maeng Da-When translated to Thai, the name Maeng Da refers to ‘pimp kratom’, further evidence that the Maeng Da strain was originally among the most effective and uniquely bred strains. Maeng Da is cultivated through a special process called grafting in which two plants are merged together. The Maeng Da tree features dark colored leaves that turn to green when crushed and packed, a process that results in higher alkaloid content. If you are looking for a strain that provides stimulation, Maeng Da is definitely a strain to try for a 100% natural mood and energy boost. It is one of the most popular strain because of it’s consistency and power.
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