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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

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General discussion regarding Plain Leaf Kratom, Opinions, Questions and Experiences. Or feel free to talk about your favorite kind of Plain Leaf Kratom.
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Looking foe experienced Kratom user to Verify our latest Wild strain 6 months 3 weeks ago #49456

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Thanks for the review of these samples irotiviv , I also received three wild strains to try , which are wild but was explained to me as not the ones from the friends father , which doesn’t matter to me , the kratom is wild and just a diff set of trees .... i still need to give a more thorough testing . So far the white is my favorite. Clean and upbeat . The green felt mild for my chemistry. And the red ....I still need to try some more , its quality . Def good kratom .

Travis , thank you for this offer .... I’m locking this thread as only ILK approved vendors can post advertising, even if these are free sample to try ... if anyone is interested feel free to PM t-Rex..... I will allow this to stay up , but please no more advertising until approved by the staff. I know you’ve applied , these things take some time, please be patient ! This is a friendly warning , Thank you

Hope you are well my friend.
Life is better with kratom !
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Looking foe experienced Kratom user to Verify our latest Wild strain 6 months 3 weeks ago #49454

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I did receive the kratom and I have to say the green and the red were the best I have done in a long time. The green hit me in literally 20 seconds and gave me a clean, but focused energy..The red was relaxing that also kept me focused and is perfect for a rainy day. Now the white which are my wife's favorites. She hasn't done anything since. She absolutely love the white. If you have something to do, need some energy try this white. Again, thank you so much for the samples. Best kratom I have had in a couple years.
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Looking foe experienced Kratom user to Verify our latest Wild strain 8 months 1 week ago #48324

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So I have a friend in Borneo that's a Kratom Farmer/Exporter, I been using Kratom a couple years and know a bit about it. Anyway I moved to Borneo to work with my friend and help him get into the AU, US and EU markets as he has a massive property with some of the best wild kratom I've ever seen.
Anyway his father died a few years ago and he was the Village healer and often prescibed Kratom for all kinds of ailments, anyway he was extremely meticulous about what tree he would dose from and would often wander for hours before he returned with a small handful of carefully selected leaves, in the end his wife demanded he show her his 5 or 10 favourite trees in the area, so he did and she took cuttings off of all of them, raised them until rootbound in a greenhouse then planted them on the riverbank.
This was around 20 years ago and those trees have now hybridized (reproduced) with each other giving birth to some unusual looking super strains that are now also technically wild.
I vaguely remembered this happening 20 years ago but my friend forgot, so it wasn't until I mentioned it to him that he remembered. He said "I think I know the spot where they are, I've seen trees there but never took much notice". So we got pretty excited and wasn't long before out brisk walk become a jog, then we where almost racing there except I didn't know what way to go exactly, anyway when we got there we couldn't believe our eyes, there's is around 20 trees now that are all super green and healthy and strangely each of them have extremely pronounced sharply coloured veins (but all are different colours), all their leaves are the same shape and colour which is a dark and healthy green.
So we picked about 100g each and couldn't wait so we dried it in his microwave, we both use it often and have bullet proof tolerances so we had around 5g each, 30 minutes later and I looked at my mate and said "how do u feel", he replied "really fucken good actually, you?" I said "yea same", can't describe the feeling exactly, just lightheaded and really sociable and content.
The next day we had his staff harvest what will be around 80kg.
The first batch has just finished drying and we about to send a sample to wonderland.
What I also want is 3 or 4 knowledgeable Kratom consumers that will review this strain in return for say 50g for free.

*edited my mod , pm will be allowed for contacting .Please No more advertising until ILK approved , thank you , we appreciate your interest in ILK.
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