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22 Jun 2020
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General discussion regarding Plain Leaf Kratom, Opinions, Questions and Experiences. Or feel free to talk about your favorite kind of Plain Leaf Kratom.
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3 Different Aroma Classes 8 months 3 weeks ago #48912

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Here's a break down by Aroma Class:

Class - Strong aroma & in your face: This is very strong leaf & great for those that have high tolerance & don't care much for subtleties.

- White Thai
- White Sunda
- Red Horn Borneo
- Green Vietnam
- Green Indo
- Emerald Borneo
- Green Maeng Da

Class - Connoisseur level: These are appreciated by those with experience & can tell the difference between different vein colors & appreciate subtleties. These tend to be very clean aroma, mostly cerebral & almost wobble free.

- Green Sunda
- Red Sunda
- Plantation Maeng Da
- Wild Green Thai
- Wild White Thai
- Wild Red Thai
- Elephant Wild Green Thai
- Red Riau

Class - Middle of the Road: These are great for those looking for a good compromise & not looking for something to knock them on their a$$. A daytime burn so you can still get a good aroma but still get some work done. Good cerebral & body load.

- Green Malay
- Red Borneo
- Red Thai
- Red Bali
- Red Vietnam
- White Borneo
- Yellow Borneo
- White Maeng Da
- Yellow Maeng Da
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