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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
General discussion regarding Plain Leaf Kratom, Opinions, Questions and Experiences. Or feel free to talk about your favorite kind of Plain Leaf Kratom.
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Getting back into kratom 1 week 3 days ago #51106

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Congrats on moving past heroin and back to kratom!!! That’s super impressive and a major game changer !! Good job and welcome back to the community!

Right now I can recommend a few vendors out of many off the top of my head -

Benni Botanical- wild green Hulu , super green and super green #2. Premium green and red kapuas .. to name a couple really nice strains

Fused Flora - white aceh , PMD , GMD

InSense/ Goldleaf - Red Bali , dark red MD , fuzzy dragon , white Hulu

Craving kratom - Green MD , red Bali , gold Bali

Philly kratom ( your leaf your life ) - white jungle , white Bali , green plantation Thai , green bone

SOL Botanical- royal red Thai , red Borneo

COB- white and Green Mahakan , green Malay white MD ( super fast .. watch out )

PDO-gold Mekong, white Bali !!!!

Smiley Time Herbals - white smile and gold kali ... blended is very good !

Inland Botanical
Bow Key
Mitra Man
High Sierra
And much more !!

Lots of great vendor with great leaf !

And really any vendor on ILK is more than a good bet , while no vendor can give you medical advice , they can help steer you to a variety that gives effects your looking for .

Gotta cook dinner for the fam, I didn’t include all that I can , but your set up for success with the approved vendors here . Also , I listed a few that aren’t ILK vetted , but put my seal of approval on them any day!

I’ll add more later , feel free to message me !
I reckon Others will add to this and offer up some good ones as well!

Nice to have you back ! Really quite an accomplishment getting off opiates , huge understatement!

Life is better with kratom !
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Getting back into kratom 1 week 3 days ago #51101

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Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing good. I used to get on here all the time. Unfortunately I fell back into the abyss that is heroin addiction and stopped taking kratom for some time. I got clean 7 months ago and havent looked back, now I can take kratom again but dont know what strains or vendors that are exceptional quality right now, since we all know quality ebbs and flows from batch to batch.

So in short, can anybody recommend a vendor or specific strain from said vendor for me to try? Preferably a batch they're still selling. I'm looking for feel good/euphoria, energy, and also very warm reds as well. Thank you for your time!
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