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22 Jun 2020
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Bad batch among several good ones. 3 months 4 days ago #51447

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Hey guys, I havent been around in a while. So far still not making the progress Id like but I was hoping to come by and provide an update in my previous thread (which I will definitely do). Ive had my PC put away for a while and avoid typing stuff like this out on the phone; so I got my computer out specifically to post this question and go give an update.

Recently when I found this forum I tried a handful of new vendors. Every single one I tried was completely satisfactory or more than. One of the vendors (which Ive decided to switch to as my main vendor now due to the balance between quality and price being so great) Ive ordered 4 kilos from. Im placing another order today for 2 more. Last week I was on vaca and I took 1/4 kilos with me on the trip and left the other 3 home. Turns out it wasnt a solid batch and I was pretty miserable the entire time (nausea, couldnt sleep, lethargy, lack of motivation, etc. etc.) as the effects would wear off within about 3 hrs and progress in to WD (which Im very sensitive to).

I figured out pretty quick that it was culprit (similar things have happened before, but not while on a 4-day trip, that was rough). As soon as I got home, pulled out one of the others that was open and went with that and felt better within an hour and no problems since. So now I have that one set aside and still prob about 70% full (I made capsules out of it on the 1st day of the trip too). Ive never had a bad batch anywhere. Its been a little over a month since I ordered that one and the other 3/4 are fantastic (this one was green bali, the others are GMD and super GMD).

Should I let the vendor know/ask if theyve had any problems reported with this particular strain/batch or just leave it be? How would I position it to them if so? Im ordering from them again now and going to stick to the strains I found to be great and avoid that one. Im sure others have had this happen before (most more than 1x) but Ive been lucky to not experience it in my 3 years (not counting another time I received a batch that was found to be improperly dried from one of my old vendors, that was HORRIBLE).

Sorry this is so long for such a simple topic. I say very little with many words. The opposite of laconic. =P
I definitely dont wanna be out the cash and a whole kilo of kratom but Im not sure how to approach the matter.
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