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22 Jun 2020
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Qualis Botanical Review 1 year 2 months ago #38941

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Qualis Botanicals

Red Thai
Very fine grind , smelled pretty fresh , slightly bitter in oj...
Mellow experience, some moderate pain relief, moderate amount energy , relaxing but not sedating. A bit of focus and muscle relaxing with a mild even keel energy is a great description of this strain and batch. Nice one to use that will keep you sharp but chill.

Super green magic
Bright green , nice smell
A little bit speedy with First round that gave me slight jitters, Second round .....notice that its a coarser grind or with some stem&vein possibly in the mix , lots of energy, boundless energy. Moderate amount of moodlift that also gave me some midrange pain relief.
This i would think is a good one to take pre work out, when your climbing a steep trail on a long hike, or when you just want high octane to power through. Was not jittery my second time dosing which I’m surprised because of the amount of energy ..

Green Bali

Very mild ,didn’t quite feel this strain much, very mild in flavor, smell and effects for my chemistry.
While this strain wasn’t something that worked well with me, might be good for another’s metabolism .

White Bali
This Bali was very nice. Very clean energy that gave decent pain relief and a relaxed yet ready to work attitude. Decent mood boost . The taste was not bitter at all. This white Bali has very long legs for a white strain..3.5 hrs. I liked this strain very much and would like to include it in my midday work stash. This one is worthy of trying out for sure !!!

Qualis is a new company just starting up. They have great customer service and the strains I sampled all had a nice fine grind..( the green magic was a slightly different grind ). All of their kratom smelled pretty fresh , not right off the tree but not like it was sitting around a while either.
The green magic had a interesting texture , with some noticeable difference.

I really enjoyed Qualis botanicals Kratom ( my favorites green magic and white Bali worked very well for me) and their customer service is top notch . Their prices were a bit higher when I viewed their website but they were very receptive to suggestions and lowered it...they put the customers needs on the top of the list!! I am so appreciative of the Qualis teams receptivity and willingness to adjust the price and quantity offered. While their prices are still a bit out of my budget..( 20% first purchase discount will def help) I think they are worth looking into as their customer service is great and the strains I tried were very enjoyable ...!! Good selection... I look forward to trying more of what they have to offer. Stoked on the White Bali , it’s a good one ..!!

Thank you Qualis !!

20% off first purchase and free 1-3 days shipping on orders over 49.99.
1 oz cost 7.99
4oz cost 29.99
8 oz costs 49.99

Looking on their site they stated that Payment options are flexible and they can be contacted about this if preferred option isn’t listed.

Thanks Qualis


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