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22 Jun 2020
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BOW KEY BOTANICAL REVIEW 9 months 2 weeks ago #46218

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Bow Key Botanicals has a very special place in my heart. They provide kratom of exceptional quality and top notch customer service. I’m happy to say that since my last review of their products... they have only improved upon what great values I’ve known them to uphold ....

White MD
- Nice fine grind
- Mild bitterness
- Smells like beautiful kratom
* Clean and cleared headed stimulation that lasted 4.5 hrs
* Very nice for my morning burn .. happy moodlift that kept going strong for the majority of of my dose ...
The main attributes I felt were the long lasting clean energy, moodboost and some nice pain relief that aided into a smooth sailing morning while kicking butt at work !! I really love this white MD. Historically I’ve been pretty fond of this variety from
Bow Key. This batch holds true to that sentiment and is a definite keeper !! Might be the best white I’ve tried from them yet !! Very impressive!
Highly recommended..!!..!!..

Green MD
Lovely, a mighty fine GMD with...
- upbeat energy
- Very good moodlift , stellar
- A healthy dose of pain relief that made me smile with solid motivation !
I thoroughly enjoyed the strength of this variety , perked me up and put me in a happy stoked headspace....
.....wiped out physical aches,
...... supplied high octane ( while lowering the anxiety lingering in my body from some stress I’ve been dealing with .. good long legs // 5hrs ... uplifting and motivational energy ... A fine example of a green MD . Can’t say enough good things about this variety/ batch !!!!

Green Sumatra
-lovely green color
-very mild bitterness
-soft kratom smell
Warm and positive...lovely feelings from this variety ... I was feeling a bit off and on edge and this variety was like going home and getting in a comforting and cozy place .. good and strong but not overbearing ! Another ‘yes may I have another’ “strain” lol ! Good legs // 4 hrs in duration for me ... This variety has great anti anxiety effects with complimentary mood boosting energy .. I think this would be a good choice as a morning or midday ally , or when feeling anxious and stressed . This is a friendly “strain” that helps you feel good and positive ..!!..!!..

Green vein
-nice green color
-mildly bitter taste
-earthy fresh kratom smell
* very happy moodlift
* Good clean stimulation
* Much needed pain relief
This Green Vein is very good !
I took this as my morning dose with a cup of coffee after waking up with an aching back and the effects were like putting oil on rusty gate hinges.
Shorty after taking my dose in my GFJ, my back loosened up to a great smile inducing point. I began to straighten up my house with a sweet conducive energy that helped put me in a great head/body space. This is a prime pick for morning or midday kratom intake.... or early evening when wanting some happy pain relieving benefits to feel good and finish off the last bit of responsibilities before easing into the evening. This green vein is a happy “strain”... very effective and beautiful with lots of energy.. similar to the GMD.

Super White MD
The super whites best quality was this very clear head space.
* energy - a gentle stimulating type
* Moodlift -mild moodlift
* Pain relief - mild pain relief
The best placement for this very clean/ clearheaded powder I think would be when your wanting clarity for a work, meeting , home work, or any project where you want to maintain crystal clear focus without any distraction from Kratom’s other qualities . I feel
this is a perfect go to for studying .... clean and clear without any jitters or edginess .

Super Red MD
This red md had a mellow smell ( fermented ?) and smooth taste . Effects were more relaxing and warm , not especially strong for my chemistry but a nice red option for when wanting to be smack in the middle of chillaxin without sedation .. more of a mild red !

Green Thai
* Clean energetic octane
* moderate moodboost ,
* mild pain relief,
* nice clarity to it without overbearing strength , good for a boost of focus that lasted about 2 hrs for me .. This would be great for folks just starting out and or are wanting a kratom variety that won’t be overwhelming. This variety is gentle but effective !!

Green MD/ White MD
(50:50 Blend )
Wow!!! What a great combo!!
Awesome moodlift and energy with a very appreciable amount of pain relief . This blend had me perked up and ready for anything ... beautiful!!
Two amazing varieties that made an amazing blend .... I think they should consider carrying this .. Top notch !

Green Sumatra & White MD (50:50 Blend )
-solid clean energy ,
-solid stoked moodlift ...
-happy solid pain relief
I took this in the morning and was wide eyed and focused. I felt great and had a good and strong happy mood . Good legs // 4.5 hrs...
Both of these were very good on their own, and combined made for a very complimentary blend .
Very very good ... I think this blend should be offered as well!!!
But easy enough to make it yourself !

Bow Key Botanicals out of Florida was one of the first companies that I reviewed. I’ve had some great batches from them burned ( pun intended) into my memory...lol
It’s always been a great pleasure communicating with Taylor. The folks at Bow Key are as passionate about kratom as I am and super dedicated to sourcing the best quality kratom they can... which is very good !!
First time customers get 25% off their order ( code BR127) ...and when signed up to their newsletter... you’ll receive updates on any deals going down !! BKB has a easy and very informative website to learn about diff kratom varieties and some history of its use. I highly recommend this wonderful company to add into any kratom enthusiasts rotation . This company is top notch.... worthy and then some !! (L)


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