09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Pharmacy Drop Out Review

Pharmacy Drop Out Review 1 month 2 weeks ago #49720

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Pharmacy Drop Out =D> (L)

PDO is a family owned and operated company that has impressed me tremendously! The products offered and the style in which they run their business makes them an all around solid vendor to work with . Here’s a small review of some PDO products, potent and pure and a honor to write about and share my experience.

Pink Bali Fibro Blend -

Lovely fine grind powder with welcoming palatable taste !! Taking this special blend had me feeling warm, relaxed and happy . Great moodilift along with clean and clear positive energy . Lovely ! I give Tiffany major props and high fives for her kratom blending magic !
I don’t have fibromyalgia , happy pain relieving benefits this blend has for my arthritis, I can see how this could be a miracle worker for folks with fibromyalgia.

Mekong Green
- fine grind .. not baby powder fine but fine none the less!!
- Good kratom smell
- A bitter bite ... more than the Mekong gold .
This beauty is on the relaxing and chill side of the spectrum. Moderate pain relief , mellow energy with moderate moodlift. Felt my nerves tone down a few notches, muscles relaxed ... primed for a movie or a nap ! Not a work “strain”. Def chilaxin one (: !!
Ideal for midday / early evening , or when needing to turn down the dial. Duration approx 3-4 hrs.

MeKong Gold
- Moderate bitter bite with deep earthy kratom taste .
- Fine grind with some texture to it
- That lovely earthy kratom smell
Wow!!! I’m completely impressed by this one !!!I After trying a few times , and not quite feeling the magic to be had by this beauty , I dosed the Mekong Gold today and felt a solid intensity of happiness with a calm and perky energy.....out of this world moodlift . Sourced from Vietnam , truly and sincerely sourced not just a name attached .... the welcoming effects came on fast and smooth lasting 3.5 hr strong . I give major applause to PDO for offering this beauty to us ... highly recommend folks try this one. My advice is to try at least 2-3 times before forming an opinion. My 3rd try has given me big smiles and big gratitude for PDO. Wonderfully beautiful example of fine kratom !!! A new favorite !!

Crystalline Kratom Extract 49% Alkaloid
- fine powdered extract
- Smooth and very friendly taste , the slightest citric acid faintness ... ever so slight
- Smells like sweet kratom with a diff element to it ... diff from others I’ve tried
Trying this extract on its own was a mellow and enjoyable. However ... when mixed with gold Mekong..... fire was achieved !! Amazingly clean energy, stellar moodlift and lovely pain relief . I feel when taking extracts , even full spectrum ones , to get the most benefits ... mixing with a little powdered leaf is the way to go . This extract is very good and fits in line with the consensus of PDO quality and top tier wow factor . I would be happy to have this extract as a adjunct to my leaf when the situation calls for it ... very good !

Kava Extract 90% Kavalactone
- baby powder consistency
- Yellow cream colored
- A unique and yummy smell and unmistakable kava numbing taste
This is my second time ordering this special kava extract from PDO. My dose usually consists of 1/4 - 1/2 tsp sublingually for about 5 min. After 5 or so minuets my tongue and mouth are super numb !! If sublingual doesn’t suit your fancy , this very fine extract dissolves almost completely if not entirely in warm liquid .. Capping makes for a easy travel option as well , 2-3 capsules puts me in a elevated headspace with relaxed muscles. The crazy thing for me is I tend to feel a little stimulation from this extract ... a clear headed focused type of thing ... anyone else have this effect?? Something I’d like to do is add a little bit of kava extract with the traditional brew ... like how folks mix kratom extract with a smaller portion of their reg powder dose . Could be very special !! I’ll report back when I’ve tried ! The quality and potency is very high , and therefore.... I highly recommend this product to anyone that loves kava and wants to experience an extract version that may be the best there is ! Mixing some kava extract with magnolia extract= warm and fuzzy blanket mode , wipes out all tension and anxiety ... another herb I threw in the mix the other day was kanna extract . I was feeling horribly stressed and sad , This added element helped my skin stop crawling.

My advice is start small and build up to where you feel the most benefits for your body ... One word to describe - Beautiful

Since I’ve been a member on ILK I’ve read many accounts on the quality products of PDO . Talking with Jeffrey who is a sweet heart of a gentleman was very gratifying, just a total joy to chat with . Easy going and very helpful . I really appreciate that since he’s a busy family man and a business owner, he still made time to help answer my questions . To date one of my all time favorite reds was one he suggested with my first or second purchase .. Red Malaysian Maeng Da!! I explained to him how I have been blessed with anxiety :pinch: , depression and chronic pain :whistle: ...... Jeffrey explained this variety would be great for my sense of well-being. He was spot on ! PDO has been a ILK vetted and approved vendor for years , and sets a standard of service and quality that’s hard to match . One of only a few who actually procures “true Malaysian “ kratom from Malay along with other rare gem varieties , which puts this company in the category of exceptional .

When placing a order use the discount code ILK for 15% off your entire purchase.

25% off sample pack of 200gms.. 50gm each of -Red Horn MD-Green Bali- White Horn MD-Yellow Horn MD

Other herbs are offered :

Akuamma -whole seeds and capsules

CBD tincture and gummy’s, for you and your pets

Corydalis extract 10:1

Maiden Hair

Superior Valerian extract

Thunder God vine capsules

I’ve wanted to do a review on PDO for a while and I’m absolutely stoked to share my experience. This family ran business exhibits major integrity ... translation = zero compromise on quality or great service... Very honored and grateful to have PDO as a source for gold standard herbal products . A solid vendor to include in your rotation of fine kratom and other herbals ...

Thank you so much Tiffany and Jeffrey ,
Please keep doing what your doing (L) ..!!..!!..

Life is better with kratom !
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